Episode 5: Not Quite Famous

Premise: The contestant showcase their talents in a talent show. 

Challenge: Talent show (duh!)

Winner(s): Killer Bass

Eliminated: Justin, because Heather was able to convince Lindsay and Beth (who were in her alliance), Izzy (who is just insane!), and Owen (bribed with a piece of cake) to vote off Justin instead of her. 

My Favorite Part: Harold's beatboxing

This is yet another solid episode. There are definitely a lot of good and memorable moments in this, especially Harold's beatboxing. There were also some other great scenes, like Izzy's dance of the rattlesnake, Justin's hot talent which is a great reference to "Flashdance", Owen burping the alphabet, Bridgette accidentally breaking Courtney's violin, and Gwen getting her revenge on Heather using Harold's ant farm. This is also the true beginning of drama between Gwen and Heather as Heather read Gwen's diary in front of everybody and revealing that Gwen had a crush on Trent! This makes for some really good drama. It was also nice seeing all the talents of each of the contestants and seeing what all they could do. It was also nice to see Trent and Gwen getting along too. The elimination was also a shocker too and pretty unpredictable, which makes it all the more exciting to watch. If there's anything I didn't like about this episode, it would probably be the infamous puke scene. It was overly long and kind of gross (but at least it didn't last the whole episode :P). But I did like the scene after when Bridgette lands in Tyler's arms and Lindsay was like, "Hey! Puke on your own boyfriend!" 

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