Episode 4: Dodgebrawl

Premise: The teams participate in a five-round game of dodgeball. It seems that Owen and Cody are dominating the Bass, but an unexpected competitor steps in and saves the day!

Challenge: Dodgeball! Duh!

Winner(s): Killer Bass

Eliminated: Noah (for refusing to participate in the game and making sarcastic remarks to his team)

My Favorite Part: Harold catching Owen's ball, winning for the Killer Bass

I LOVE this episode. This episode is really fantastic. Every character has a moment to shine in this episode. There are so many good jokes and moments in this episode that I actually had a really hard time coming up with my favorite part of the episode. You would not expect Harold to show off his mad skills and beat a huge guy like Owen. But surprisingly enough, he showed how strong he was, no matter how scrawny he was. Heather's sassy comments to the Bass as well as hitting Tyler in the crotch was funny and it was great to see Owen and Cody's enthusiasm throughout the game. It really built the energetic tone for this episode. It was also hilarious the way the Killer Bass tried to wake up Duncan with a stick and Duncan broke it in half O___O. And we also get to see Duncan and Courtney's first major interaction together when they called each other "darling"! There are also many little things like Tyler failing to hit people on the Gopher's side, Harold's high-pitched scream when Leshawna hits him, Courtney complaining about Harold's snoring ("It's a medical condition! GOSH!"), Harold catwalking with his new mustache, and Tyler saying, "We're gonna bring the dinner to the table and then we're gonna eat it!". Even Noah's sarcasm was hilarious! He's got some great lines like, "Do not talk about dodgeball" (Fight Club reference there!) and "Another mentally challenging task!" It was also great to see him get his "just desserts" by getting hit with the dodgeball and then getting hit with all the marshmallows at the bonfire ceremony. Even the tension in the episode was great. I liked to see all the planning that the Bass had to go through to figure out how to take down the gophers and there's also some great drama between Heather and Lindsay about Lindsay's relationship with Tyler. This is an amazing episode and could definitely stand as one of the best episodes of the season, if not, the series. 

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