Episode 3: The Big Sleep

Premise: The contestants participate in an awake-a-thon. Trent and Gwen begin to bond, Heather forms an alliance with Lindsay and Beth, and Eva loses it!

Challenge: An awake-a-thon to see who can stay awake the longest! 

Winner(s): Screaming Gophers (Gwen wins for the team)

Eliminated: Eva (Heather stole her MP3 and she blamed her team for taking it and trashed the cabin as a result)

My Favorite Part: Noah kissing Cody on the ear

This episode is pretty dull and kind of forgettable. Don't get me wrong, that moment with Noah kissing Cody on the ear was really funny and definitely one of the most memorable moments of the season. There were also a few things that made me laugh here and there, like Duncan making Harold pee his pants, some bits of Owen's dream sequence, Chef's ballerina routine, and Tyler's hallucination of Katie and Sadie being attacked by a bear. I also did like some of the parts of Eva's breakdown when she kicked Chris in the shin and threw a spear at Courtney. Those moments were funny. I also did like Trent and Gwen bonding and this episode also marked the beginning of Heather's evolution into a villain. Other than that, all this episode is mainly about is campers trying to stay awake for as long as they can, which really isn't that interesting. There isn't anything wrong with this episode. It's not a bad one. It's definitely not an episode I would watch over and over again though. There are much more interesting episodes this season than this episode though. Not bad. Not great. Just alright. 

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