Episode 2: Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

Premise: The contestants partake in a dangerous cliff-diving challenge and a hot tub construction challenge.

Fun Fact: Geoff gets the first marshmallow of the season (as well as the show!). 

Challenge: Cliff-diving and building a hot tub

Winner(s): The Screaming Gophers

Eliminated: Ezekiel (for making sexist comments about girls)

My Favorite Part: Heather vs Leshawna

I don't have too much to say about this episode. This is yet another solid episode and definitely a good start to the season. It wasn't laugh out loud funny and wasn't super dramatic, but it does make sense considering this was one of the first episodes of the season and the writers were trying to establish a clear tone with the series. But there were some little laugh out loud moments that really cracked me up. Heather and Leshawna's conflict on the cliff did crack me up and it was hilarious when Leshawna threw down Heather from the cliff. There were some other small moments like Chris taunting Chef in testing the challenge, Tyler's rough landing, the unique ways each contestant dived down, Owen's naked dance, and Eva's first line! (she's so sassy!). There was also some really good tension in the episode, especially during Owen's dive. People were counting on him and others were doubting he would make it. But turns out, he did! And it did keep making me guess who was going to be eliminated first. I mean it could've been DJ, Courtney, or anyone! It was pretty unpredictable. But then when I listened to Ezekiel's comments, I was like, "Yep! He's gone!" I don't really have any complaints about this episode. Everyone stayed in character and it was a good follow-up to the first episode.

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