Episode 18: That's Off The Chain!

Premise: The contestants build their own bikes and race them in a dangerous motor cross. 

Fun Fact: Lindsay wanted a "Sunset Sally" bike, but she never got one :(. Also, Izzy had a brother who got run over and developed a fear of mobile vehicles!

Challenge: Build your own bike and take it for a spin. Once you make it to the semifinals, the first one to cross the finish line will win immunity and the last one will be eliminated in a sudden death round.

Winner(s): Heather

Eliminated: Lindsay, for being the last to cross the finish line. Since Duncan and Owen weren't able to finish the race, Lindsay was the last one to cross the finish line, meaning she was the one who had to take the fall.

My Favorite Part: Lindsay cursing out Heather

Though it doesn't have as many jokes as the past few episodes, the episode is still very good. The jokes here are really amazing though and Lindsay definitely made this episode. She had so many great moments, especially cursing off Heather like that and flipping the birdie at her. And you gotta love it when she calls her shoes tacky and says that she would rather spend a whole day staring at Owen's butt than go shopping with her. It's some great development on her part and she is actually AWARE of what Heather had done to her this episode and actually develops the ability to stand up for herself. That is some fantastic development for her character right there. And there are also many other moments featuring her that are just laugh out loud hilarious, like when she accidentally swats Heather in the beginning, finds an ugly doll with pretty hair like Heather, and talks about the time she compares her teacher's hairpiece to her dog's butt. I also had a hearty laugh when Geoff sings "Baby Come Back" in the confessional to Bridgette. Seriously, I wish he could've been in World Tour and had more screentime that season! Yes, his voice isn't the best, but his singing voice is really not too bad! Ever since I watched that scene, I've always wondered how Bridgette would react to it. Izzy was also funny in this episode and I really liked the scene when she takes Leshawna on the ride of her life. There are also a few small moments like Duncan calling the arts and crafts center the "arts and craps center", Owen offering a high-five to Duncan but getting rejected, Heather getting pooped on by a bird, and DJ getting creeped out by the guys' bike stories. The challenge was also entertaining and it definitely kept the excitement up in this episode. Overall, very solid. 

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