Hey guys, GoGoGadget831 here,and I'm going to be doing brief re-reviews of I See London... and Greece's Pieces. Looking back at my reviews, I actually do regret them. As TDIFan13 would always say, think before you post :P. But anyways, I rewatched both of these episodes and realized that I overlooked many of the good aspects of the episodes and I was too wrapped up in the love triangle (which I really despise) that I wasn't talking about the actual episodes itself. And as a result, I automatically gave them BAD ratings just because of the love triangle when there was more going for the episodes. And I sincerely apologize for that. I'm going to keep these brief (one paragraph each). Alright, let's talk about:

I See London...

Without the infamous last minutes of this episode, as a whole, this episode holds up pretty well. I loved the song in this episode and it's one of my favorites of the season. Reminded me very much of Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles. There were definitely a lot of funny moments, like Noah mocking Sierra, Cody getting pictures with a sleepy Gwen in Jamaica and accidentally giving her hand a sunburn, Owen laughing and squirting milk and pepper juice, Owen and Noah sharing a parachute, Tyler getting stuck on the bridge after yelling "Extreme!!", Owen talking in a British accent, and Sierra asking Cody for a kiss for "historical accuracy". Not to mention Tyler yelling about getting stretched when his team didn't even stretch him yet, Heather getting stretched and cursing Gwen and Courtney out, her getting mad about Gwen and Courtney bonding over poop juice, and Owen getting attacked by the corgis. There are definitely a lot of great jokes in this episode and I really loved the challenge. I liked the idea of contestants participating in a scavenger hunt. I really like those kinds of challenges and they make the episode much more investing. I also liked Noah as a leader and he definitely got some great character development here. Owen even got the chance to contribute and he showed that he actually had brains! Gwen and Courtney bonding was nice, but too bad it won't last very long. Overall, there is a lot going for this episode. I'm going to rank it higher to a MEH (because of the last few minutes), but extremely close to being in the good pile. This episode has a lot going for it and I still question why I hated it so much in the past. 

Greece's Pieces

Ooooo boy. Let's talk about this one. This is the one where people got very upset with me that I didn't like it. And this is probably the review that I regret the most. I've already moaned and groaned about how much I hated Chris and the whole love triangle in this, but let's talk about this episode without talking about those aspects. As a whole, this episode is actually not too bad. I really liked the idea of Tyler being involved in drama. Yeah, we have him be involved in some drama in Total Drama Island when he's in a relationship with Lindsay, who's not in his team. But frankly, that wasn't talked about as much. But in this episode, this is the first time we've actually seen him play a role in a major aspect of this season and I think here, it's executed pretty well. It was pretty hilarious seeing him blurt it out close to the end and feel a sense of relief about it (I think that's how everyone feels when revealing a dirty secret you can't seem to hide!) and I also liked the assumption Alejandro made when he thought that Tyler and Gwen were dating. And I will admit that the goof-up that Chris made about the Olympics originating in Rome when it was actually Greece was pretty funny, though I've seen a joke like that before in Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen. Speaking of Owen, he definitely had some pretty funny moments, like when he was about to take off his pants when he heard that Olympic participants competed naked, had that funny dream about Noah, and that wink to Kung-Fu Panda when Cody crashed into him and he went flying. I also got a hearty laugh when Sierra started fighting with Courtney in the wrestling part and she yelled out, "Respect my Cody!" Chef was also pretty funny when he sounded the Spartan battle horn and kept on whipping Duncan when he had to sing. The song was pretty unexceptional in my opinion and one of my least favorites of the season. I don't hate it, but I don't like it as much as the other songs this season. It was amazing seeing Cody punch Duncan (serves him right!) and Sierra actually praises him for it, which is a great display of their friendship. Courtney and Gwen being friendly with each other was nice to see, despite the tension, and even though Courtney goes a bit crazy at the end, her reaction is understandable considering she was cheated on and her cheater of a boyfriend happened to cheat with a person whom Courtney was "friend-ish" with. So, I'm putting in the GOOD pile, though pretty close to meh in my opinion. In all honesty, I didn't care too much for this episode, Chris did bug me a bit, and it didn't have as many jokes as I would have liked. But still, it's a pretty decent episode. 

Once again, I apologize for being too unfair with my original ratings and I hope you guys will forgive me for that. Despite their flaws, both of them definitely have aspects going for them and barely focus on the love triangle. I guess I got too wrapped up in the drama and the controversial aspects of it all that I couldn't wait to trash them :P. 

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