Episode 99: No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition

Premise: The contestants head to Boney Island to retrieve eggs from the mutants. Cameron and Gwen become friends, Alejandro vows to get revenge against Heather, Duncan becomes a softie, and Mal slowly starts to take control of Mike. 

Fun Fact: Mike's evil personality The Malevolent One is called Mal for short. And apparently, Duncan knew Mal from juvie and he was bad news.

Challenge Based On: Alien Resurr-eggtion

Challenge: Collect six eggs from mutant animals in the Fun Zone

Winner(s): Heroic Hamsters

Exiled: Mike

Eliminated: Heather, for Alejandro stealing her immunity idol and getting her kicked off

My Favorite Part: Heather getting mad at Chris for presumably stealing her invincibility statue

This episode screams MEH for me. The Aleheather moments were pretty funny. It was hilarious when Heather got grossed out over Alejandro kissing her hand, Alejandro boasting about his "pretty head", and then Heather pushing Alejandro into the water before taking the Flush of Shame. Courtney hitting Scott with the stick while saving him from the giant hamster was pretty funny. There were a few Duncan scenes about him being a "sweetheart" that were alright, but not that funny. It was also nice seeing Gwen and Courtney make progress in being friends. However, this episode doesn't have that many jokes and it's pretty bland. But it has just enough good moments to save it from being bad. There are a few weird things, like why on earth would Heather hide the invincibility statue? It seemed like a weird way to get her eliminated. But whatever. We have Mal doing another "EEEVILL" thing by breaking Duncan's knife, saying "Derp! I'm Mike!", and whistling "In the Hall of the Mountain King". It was pretty interesting when Duncan realized that he knew him from juvy and it would be cool seeing them interact this season. Then, we have a mention of a reset button. Dear lord, please don't remind me of what's to come soon! This is a very mixed episode for me. It has a few good moments, but it's dull and not very funny. Also, are Chris and Larry a thing? 

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