Episode 92: The Enchanted Franken-Forest

Premise: The final three go to a toxic forest filled with carnivorous plants. Lightning is still onto Cameron after taking his immunity last episode and Zoey still has her commando persona.

Fun Fact: Zoey has a pet hamster named Miss Puffycheeks. 

Challenge: Go through forest to find a rare flower.

Cameo(s): Ezekiel

Winner(s): Lightning

Reward: Make it to final 2 and pick the other contestant you want to face off in the final two.

Eliminated: Zoey; because Lightning picked Cameron to go to the final two with him over Zoey.

My Favorite Part: Lightning falling off the 10,000 foot cliff

Overall, this episode is really bland. It's really not that funny and it doesn't have much going for it. It's still really weird how Zoey still has her commando persona, even after taking down Chef and Scott. I still find it pretty OOC for her, especially with how mean she is to Cameron. It did evoke alright tension between the two of them, but in the end, she managed to return back to her normal self. The gag with Lightning being arrogant about winning the challenge was very repetitive, but it was pretty funny seeing him get eaten by Larry, getting burnt in the butt by a whole bunch of plants, and falling off a 10,000 foot cliff, which is a good wink to Not So Happy Campers, Part 2. And I will admit that his arrogant attitude could get a bit funny at times. It was also funny listening to the way he sings Eenie Meeny Miney Moe: "Eenie Meeny Miney Moe, who's to say and who's to go? If you holler means you're gone. I'm the don't be late!" And it was pretty funny in the beginning when Zoey shoots an egg from her slingshot at Chef and then gives Cameron a hard high-five. And I like the part when Lightning lifts up the confessional and lets his pants fall and then his comment about the challenge being like a tea party. Unfortunately, there's really not that much going for this episode and it's really boring. The elimination is also infamous among many because of the guy vs guy finale, but honestly, it didn't bug me too much. I was very conflicted on what to rate this episode. It was a close one, but this episode is just barely a BAD episode. It's definitely close to being in the meh pile, but it's so dull and uninvesting. 

One more thing: in Zeke's cameo in the middle of the episode, he lets out a scream that is VERY similar to Peter Oldring/Normal Zeke's scream! Also, for some weird reason, he lets out a few grunts that sound kind of like Mike's voice (at least if you listen a bit closely). Oh man, do I miss Normal Ezekiel!

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