Episode 90: Up Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon (no, I'm not talking about the fart balloons in The Final Wreck-ening!)

Premise: An aerial-based challenge turns into a mission to capture Heather, who has stolen the million dollars and is riding away on a blimp.

Challenge: Build an aircraft out of some junk and compete in an aerial obstacle course (cancelled); capture Heather

Cameo(s): Heather

Winner(s): Cameron

Reward: McClean-Brand Smoke Machine

Eliminated: Jo, because she was betrayed by Cameron 

My Favorite Part: Heather 

After rewatching this episode, I was very pleasantly surprised. This episode, as of right now, is probably my favorite episode of the season. Heather definitely made this episode (it's so relieving that she didn't get crushed by that meteor in the World Tour finale). It was pretty funny seeing her demostrate the challenge via jetpack and then burning Zoey with her comment, "I have this policy on not talking to losers." Classic Heather indeed ;). It was hilarious when she knocked Chris and Chef off the plane and attacked everyone with Gemmi awards ("One Gemmi for you and one million for me!"). I also laughed hard when she was confronted by Lightning, fake-cried, and then smacked him with the case. She's great at faking people out! And their fight was really funny too. Also gotta love Jo criticizing her girly short-shorts! Zoey showing her tough side was pretty fun to watch, like when she pushes down Scott and sends the flying, fire-breathing mountain goats to burn his wings off ("Hey! Watch the feathers!"). Jo was also fun to watch and I did like her plotline of trying to make an alliance with Cameron and get back at Lightning. I laughed at the scene when Cameron speaks nice of Jo when the two of them are in the confessional and Jo pats his head as an indication that she's proud of him. I was actually pretty shocked that he betrayed Jo, considering his nice nature, but then again, it was a good move on his part and it was good that he didn't act gullible, unlike a certain person we will see next season. It was actually pretty hilarious when he made the McClean Brand Smoke Machine blow up on Jo's face and Jo actually complimented him for his clever moves! Lightning was also pretty funny, like his showdown with Heather, him accidentally punching Scott in the beginning (sha-bam!), and him being in full shock when he finds out that Jo was a girl! All in all, a GOOD episode. I will miss Jo's sweatpants. And I feel for you Heather. You definitely deserve the million. 

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