Episode 8: Up the Creek

Premise: The contestants canoe race to Boney Island and build rescue fires. Cody brings Trent and Gwen together, Geoff tries to make moves on Bridgette, and Izzy reveals many secrets.

Fun Fact: Izzy is on the RCMP's Most Wanted list! 

Challenge: Canoe race to Boney Island and build a rescue fire.

Winner(s): Killer Bass

Eliminated: Izzy, for being chased down by the RCMP

My Favorite Part: Izzy's craziness!

I liked this episode a lot. Izzy definitely made this episode. Her craziness made me laugh all the way through. I liked the way she built that enormous bonfire and Heather is like, "Where did you learn to do that?!" Her secrets were definitely shocking, especially the one about her being on the RCMP's Most Wanted list. It was also hilarious to see Leshawna take her anger out on her and threaten to beat her down with an oar. And that ending, man. "You'll never get me alive!" will always be one of my all-time favorite lines from Izzy. I also really liked all the character interactions in this episode. It was nice to see Gwen and Trent getting closer and Bridgette helping Geoff with his wounds. It was also nice that Bridgette seemed to have developed a liking for Geoff by the end of the episode. I also liked when Gwen attacked Cody and how she viewed him as an "annoying little brother". There's also a scene when Cody pulls a "George of the Jungle" when trying to save Trent from quicksand and ends up crashing into a tree. Not to mention Owen annoying Heather throughout the episode and Heather hitting him. There are also little moments here and there like Harold stupidly burning the team's oars and Heather asking Trent and Cody if they were finished with their "tea party". I also admired DJ's bravery at the end when he overcame his fear of swimming. It's definitely some good character development for him. This is all-in-all a great episode. One more thing that I liked: Geoff's splinter is NOTHING like Spongebob's splinter. Thank god Dr. Patrick wasn't in this episode as well as any pus (ewwww....). Also, Cody now has possession of Gwen's bra as a thank you from her!

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