Episode 86: Runaway Model

Premise: The contestants participate in an animal modeling challenge, which turns into a challenge to save Lindsay. Meanwhile, both teams begin to suffer from some dysfunctions. Also, yet another team switch occurs (Jo moves to Toxic Rats, Scott moves to Mutant Maggots) and Sam suffers from game withdrawal. 

Challege: Animal modelling challenge (changed to saving Lindsay)

Cameo(s): Lindsay

Winner(s): Mutant Maggots

Eliminated: Sam, for losing the challenge for his team.

My Favorite Part: Sam entering the Donkey Kong universe

I actually found myself liking this episode more than the previous few. There are definitely some funny jokes going for this. The episode starts off strong with Anne Maria dissing Zoey's hairdo, saying, "Looks like Princess Leia lost a scissor fight!" Great Star Wars reference ;)! I also liked her sassy comment towards Jo not caring about fashion, saying, "So says the girl in man's prison sweats!" I swear, Jo cannot catch a break without people calling her a man! It was also pretty funny when Sam's teammates complain that he's not buff enough and he shows his reflexes by swiping cheese from mouse traps and then getting injured XP. There were also a few funny moments when the contestants were trying to catch their animals, like when Scott fools Fang with a pizza trap and then Lightning gets beaten up with a mutant turtle. Anne Maria showing off her style on the maggot and then the maggot barfing was pretty funny. And we get a funny line from Mike when he's like, "I agree with the maggot!" It was also nice seeing Sam and Dakota bond throughout the episode and Sam actually wins her over in the end! The Sasquatch's appearance was really hilarious, especially when he chases the Rats down the catwalk, beats them down, and kidnaps Lindsay. Lindsay then cheers him up when he's upset about his appearance and it was really hilarious when they laugh at Jo's war paint (pretty funny move from Chester) and Jo knocks down the Sasquatch from the mountain, yelling, "That'll teach you to laugh at a beautiful lady!" And then she gets all mad at Mike for messing with her face and he gets so confused XD. The Donkey Kong reference was really spot-on and definitely showed the potential that Sam has, even though he lost. It was definitely his finest moment and made for a pretty entertaining scene. The ending when Jo joins the Toxic Rats was hilarious too, especially when she gives Brick a hard handshake and says, "Welcome to MY team!" and then pokes Lightning in the eyes for calling her a guy again and yells, "Get your eyes checked, jockstrap!" Overall, this is a GOOD episode. 

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