Episode 85: Backstabbers Ahoy!

Premise: The contestants water ski through Lake Wawanakwa for their next challenge. A love triangle develops between Mike, Zoey, and Anne Maria, and Scott continues scheming to pick off his teammates one by one.

Challenge: Obtain water-skis underwater, water-ski target range.

Cameo(s): Bridgette

Winner(s): Mutant Maggots

Reward: McClean Brand Speed Boat

Eliminated: Dawn, for being framed by Scott for doing horrible things to the contestants.

My Favorite Part: Brick's alarm clock gag of spewing toilet water at Scott

I'm just going to come out and say it: I don't have strong feelings for this episode one way or the other. I didn't really mind watching it, but I'm not sure if I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were some moments that I thought were really funny, like the guys freaking out over Brick's loud alarm clock and then Scott throwing it down the toilet and then the clock in the toilet spewing water at Scott. Lightning's freak-out over the disappearance of his protein was pretty hilarious and it was also pretty funny seeing Brick and Jo acting competitive towards one another. Brick getting blown up in the air was pretty funny as well as his blind loyalty to everyone. Lightning being hit by the rattlesnake/seagull mix and whining over it was pretty funny as well as Scott poking himself with the shark tooth. And it was also nice seeing Cameron win a challenge for his team again. I also chuckled when Jo called Anne Maria "helmet hair" and when Scott called Jo a "man-lady". Mike's personalities also had a few good moments. I really like Svetlana's skills. Vito's accent is also funny to listen to and he's pretty hot too (but not an Alejandro). My nitpicks about this episode were Dawn's unfair elimination. I wish she could have had more screentime and development, because I think she's a pretty cool character. I also wished that she could have warned her team about Scott. But I guess you have to take what you get here. I also wasn't a fan of Chris in this episode. I hate how he's so sadistic to Dakota and especially Bridgette. I also found Zoey's statement about Dawn being weird to be very hypocritical, considering she calls Mike weird in the previous episode and likes him for that. Nitpicks aside, the episode was alright. Soooo yeah. It's a MEH episode. 

Also, one more thing Mike:

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