Episode 84: Finders Creepers

Premise: The contestants go on a haunted scavenger hunt through the woods. Meanwhile, Mike's new personality, Vito, hits it off with Anne Maria and a team swap occurs.

Fun Fact(s): Brick is afraid of the dark and Cameron has severe arachnophobia (is that how you spell it?!)

Challenge: Haunted scavenger hunt through the woods

Cameo: Izzy

Winner(s): Toxic Rats

Elimination: None

Reward(s): Brick

My Favorite Part: Izzy's cameo

I was very torn on this episode. It's definitely far from bad. It has good moments in this episode. But at the same time though, it's not super funny nor does it have too many memorable moments. I found myself actually feeling sorry for Zoey when she saw Anne Maria kissing "Mike" and I found Chris's treatment of Dakota to be really cruel and mean-spirited. But that's only a small part of the episode. I was going to put this episode in the meh pile, but I'm putting it in the GOOD pile, again, only by a hair. The characters definitely had some great moments in this episode. It was pretty entertaining seeing Sam trying to be a hero and contribute as much to his team as he can, despite being lazy :P. It was also pretty entertaining seeing him, Scott, and Lightning fight the squid. Brick was fun to watch as well and it's great to see his loyalty to his team as well as to other people. Jo was still fantastic as ever, with her sass and sweatpants. I laughed when she called Brick, "GI Joke". I actually lost count of the number of times she called people names. I also laughed hard at Anne Maria's comment, "Keep your sweatpants on!" And Jo actually makes a nice comment to Cameron, complimenting that he lasted longer than she expected. I like how he tried to conquer his fear of spiders and beat it down, revealing it to be Izzy. Izzy's cameo was really funny, especially when she tied up Chef and shot plungers at him. Overall, it's a decent episode, even if it's kind of lacking in jokes and memorable moments. 

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