Episode 82: Truth or Laser Shark

Premise: The campers participate in a trivia and obstacle course challenge.

Fun Fact(s): Cameron wore diapers until age 11, Brick peed his pants on the first and last day of school, Sam farted on his first and only date, and B's real name is Beverly!

Challenge: Getting to Know You trivia, Mad Skills Obstacle Course

Winner(s): Mutant Maggots

Reward: McClean Brand Soap

Eliminated: Dakota, for paying too much attention to herself rather than the challenge

My Favorite Part: The challenge in general

This episode was alright. The beginning started off pretty well. It was hilarious seeing Scott getting chased around by a mutant beaver and claiming that he was in a make-out session ;). Anne Maria's poof is pretty hilarious and I find it really funny how she hides stuff in there. And I think Dawn's aura-reading skills are really cool. I really liked Brick in general. I like how he's a loyal cadet who's doing his best in everything he does and in general, he means well. I liked seeing his and Jo's competitive natures and imply that they're better than the other. Sam flirting with Dakota was cute and Mike and Zoey's moments were cute. Svetlana was pretty cool to watch. I like some of the names that Jo gives all her teammates, like "soggy pants" (Brick) and "pointy" (Mike). It was funny seeing Brick crash into the pole in the obstacle course multiple times and Cameron winning a challenge for his team, even though we didn't really expect to. Zoey kicking beavers in the groin was pretty shocking, but shows that she has her limits, despite being a nice girl. It was funny seeing Lightning chase Sam when he said that "Winning isn't everything". And let's not forget Chef breaking Dakota's entourage's hot air balloon. I'm going to call it a GOOD episode, but maybe only by a hair. This episode doesn't really stand out too much in any way and not an episode that I have particularly strong feelings for. But in general, it has just enough good moments for me to consider it good. 

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