CHECK MY RE-REVIEW IN THIS LINK: Episode 68: Greece's Pieces

Premise: The contestants head to Greece to participate in a series of Olympic challenges. A dirty secret is also revealed.

Location: Athens, Greece

Challenge: Olympic Challenges that include wrestling, hurdles, and flying for the gold

Song: Greek Mix (Duncan, Gwen)

Winner(s): Team Amazon

Elimination: None

Reward(s): Phone call to loved ones

My Favorite Part: Cody punching Duncan

This episode is not as frustrating as the last one, but I really didn't like this episode. First of all, let me just say that if you are wondering who was responsible for starting the whole love triangle, it's partially Duncan. After all, he was the one who came in and initiated the kiss. But most of the blame goes to CHRIS. CHRIS FLIPPIN' MCCLEAN. He was the one who purposely broke the lock on the door to cause the drama. But aside from that unfortunate implication, there are other problems with this episode. Yeah, some people were pretty mad that Alejandro was getting involved in the love triangle. But honestly, that doesn't surprise me that much considering he's the main villain of the season. By the very end of the episode, the whole universe (except for Cody) is out to get Gwen YET AGAIN. WE'VE SEEN THIS BEFORE. We've seen this in 3:10 To Crazytown, The Chefshank Redemption, and TDA Aftermath II: For-Gwen and Forget. Yes, Gwen does deserve some of the blame for it, but here, she gets pretty much all the blame for it and Duncan gets NOTHING in return. Yes, he gets a punch from Duncan, which is easily my favorite part of this episode, and he gets a hilarious towel-whipping from Chef. But he doesn't get enough of the blame for it. He was pretty much a karma houdini through and through and got away with his actions. Courtney should be more mad at Duncan than at Gwen. Duncan was the immoral one in this episode. He was the one who cheated on Gwen when he had a girlfriend. It's one thing if you break up with your girlfriend and hook up with another. But what Duncan did made him a really unlikable jerk. It doesn't stop there either. By the end of the episode, Courtney goes absolutely berserk and vows that Gwen is going down. She's basically on the verge of psychopathy and trust me, it gets a lot worse later. Also, despite wanting Duncan to be the perfect boyfriend, she still missed him terribly and still really cares about him. She's actually concerned for him and actually feels nervous that Gwen would steal her man. I actually felt really sympathetic for Courtney here, until she went crazy at the very end of the episode. Chris especially frustrates me in this episode. And like I said, if you want to blame someone for causing the love triangle, BLAME CHRIS. AND DUNCAN. But talking about Chris here, he was incredibly frustrating to watch in this episode. He pretty much lets Duncan get away with his actions because he wants more drama on this show. He treats his interns like dirt and pushes them off the plane. Even Chris is really unlikable here. So much so that you're waiting for him to get comuppance for his actions and yet gets none in this season. The only things I liked about this episode were Cody punching Duncan and Chef attacking him with a towel, Chef sounding the Spartan battle horn, Sierra and Courtney fighting, Alejandro getting distracted during the hurdles challenge and getting beaten by Heather, and Owen dreaming about Noah in the beginning. The song was alright, but certainly not the best song of the season. Another thing is that this episode isn't really that funny nor that investing. Too much love triangle stuff that isn't investing and makes all three of the people involved in it come off as unlikable. Overall, a pretty bad episode. 

NEW RATING: GOOD (a bit close to meh)

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