Episode 66: TDWT Aftermath II - Revenge of the Telethon

Premise: Geoff, Bridgette, and Blaineley host a telethon to get one million dollars to save Total Drama World Tour.

Fun Fact: DJ says the word "momma" 60% more than the average teen! 

Segments: Total Drama Fugitives, DJ's World of Animals, Brainzilla Trivia

Guest Stars: Lindsay, DJ, Leshawna

Video Guests: None

Songs: Save This Show (Geoff and Bridgette), Sisters (Leshawna)

My Favorite Part: Brainzilla/Izzy

This is another solid aftermath episode. I actually finding myself liking the World Tour aftermaths more than the Action aftermaths. I like how Geoff knows what the audience wants and even though he comes up with all these segments for Izzy and DJ, he doesn't act like a jerk. Sure, he does act like a bit of a show-off when he keeps claiming that he knows what the audience wants, but it isn't that jerky. I also like how he forgave Bridgette for her falling for Alejandro (Fabulandro is more like it!). I just love the relationship between Geoff and Bridgette. It's just so genuine. And Alejandro's footage was AMAZING to watch, especially with his ponytail. Izzy/Brainzilla definitely made this episode. Brainzilla had some pretty funny quotes, especially when she said, "Greetings carbon-based life form commonly known as Geoffrey. Your speech is appalling..." and then he was like, "Thanks man! I try!" That ending was definitely hilarious and that moment when she hit the bomb with a hammer is something you would definitely expect from Izzy. The songs are great and entertaining, and Leshawna's dance routine was hilarious. The animals attacking the Peanut Gallery was pretty funny and Blaineley looks hilarious when she's getting choked by a snake. Overall, this episode definitely kept me invested and had good jokes, and I really wanted to know how they were going to earn one million dollars in just 22 minutes. Not much to say. It's a good episode. Also, what the heck is Duncan doing in Italy? And in an Elvis costume?

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