Episode 64: Newf Kids on the Rock

Premise: The contestants visit Chris's hometown - Newfoundland. Also, Heather tries to form an alliance with lone wolf DJ while Alejandro tries to do so too.

Fun Fact: Courtney's a three-time coxswain. Chris also has a cousin named Jerd. In addition, the boat that Chris rode in is very similar in structure to the Boat of Losers. 

Location: St. John's - Newfoundland, Canada

Challenge: Row boats to shore and a relay to drink apple cider vinegar, interpret what Jerd is saying, kiss a fish (DJ & Tyler)

Song: Sea Shanty

Winner(s): Team Victory and Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot

Elimination: None

Reward: Clam and fish chowder supper

My Favorite Part: "I want that tape back! Give me the tape! Ugh, how do you open this thing?!" 

This is yet another solid episode. It had some really good comedy in it. It was hilarious seeing Gwen and Courtney making fun of Heather for her supposed crush on Alejandro and the "give me the tape" scene was REALLY memorable. I mean, we have Heather gushing over Alejandro, Gwen saying that she was in a relationship with "Duncan" instead of Trent, and Courtney admitting that she messed up. I also found Owen hilarious in this episode, like when he told DJ that Noah thinks he has nice legs, licked a lobster behind his team's back when Alejandro told him not to even "think about it", and for getting a ticket from Heather for having stinky socks. There were also a few small things, like the plane bouncing up and down on the ocean and Sierra keeping on saying, "Why are we landing in the middle of the ocean? Oh wait, never mind!" And there was Chef pushing everyone out of the plane, Heather about to call Courtney a B-I-T-C..., Heather getting clam juice on his face, and Sierra telling a weird story about seeing Cody ride a white horse from outside her bedroom window. Noah also had some really funny lines, like when Jerd was saying something and he was like, "I think he just said something about Owen's butt", and then during the fish challenge when he remarks, "No wonder my little cousins aren't allowed to watch this show." Alejandro also did a really clever villainous deed by painting the Egyptian symbol on the fish to manipulate DJ into thinking that his curse is over and then beats Heather to making an alliance with him. It was also great to see strategic Heather actually try to manipulate DJ. Haven't seen that part of her in a WHILE. Overall, an enjoyable episode. 

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