Episode 63: Can't Help Falling in Louvre

Premise: The contestants arrive in Paris for their next challenge. DJ tries to overcome his curse and Cody tries to cheer up Sierra after voting against her previously.

Fun Fact: Tyler was captain of his gymnastics team at Kinder Gym!

Location: Paris, France

Challenge: Put together statues, fashion walk-off (tie-breaker)

Song: Paris in the Springtime

Winner(s): Team Amazon

Eliminated: Lindsay, for losing the tie breaker challenge.

My Favorite Part: Izzy messing with the plane's controls and sending it out of control.

This was a very funny episode. There were so many really great jokes in this. Izzy definitely made this episode, especially at the beginning when she messed with the plane's controls and sent the plane "somersaulting" out of control. I also loved the moments when she spoke through the intercom, stuck her face through the American Gothic painting, and then caught the mummy dog and then threw it down. Noah even called her a "Brazil nut-sized nut job"! It was also pretty funny when Noah used his invisible ball trick on Sasquatchinakwa and Izzy. Noah was pretty great in this episode, especially when he tried to get over the security lasers, only to get shocked every time, and then when Tyler was telling him how to arrange the statue and he was like, "Those aren't even words!" Chris mispronouncing Louvre was pretty funny too. It was also nice seeing Sierra and Cody interact. Sierra's song had some hilarious lyrics on how she was feeling about Cody messing with her heart and she even revealed that she wasn't really mad at Cody. She was just seeing how he would react, which was a pretty smart move on her part. Owen wasn't bad either. He had some funny moments, like randomly eating that painting and saying, "Mmm...acryllic." and then saying that Tyler's outfit made him hungry. Gwen also shot a funny line: "Nothing personal, but I hate models. And I hate getting stared at." The catwalk scene was hilarious too, like Tyler modeling with his new outfit, getting laughed at by everyone, and then falling off the catwalk. Gwen wearing DJ's clothes was hilarious and especially when she threw them at Chris. My only nitpick is the elimination, which I found kind of stupid. In all honesty, DJ's curse gag is pretty dumb and not funny and I think I've seen enough of it. Lindsay definitely deserved to make it further than DJ. I also couldn't stand that moment when Chris kept on breaking up Lindsay and Tyler's kiss. It reminded me of that sour moment in Search and Do Not Destroy and another moment coming up next season. But overall, the comedy definitely makes it a really awesome episode. 

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