Episode 62: The Am-AH-Zon Race

Premise: The contestants head to the Amazon in Peru for their next challenge. DJ and Lindsay bond and Team Amazon seems to be going up the river during the challenge.

Location: The Amazon - Peru

Challenge: Survive in the Amazon and find golden Peruvian treasure (while avoiding the Zing Zings!)

Song: Gypsy Rap

Winner(s): Team Victory (finally!)

Elimination: None

Reward: First Class

My Favorite Part: The twist about the Zing Zings

This episode was decent. There were some things that I liked in this episode. I really enjoyed seeing Lindsay and DJ bond and it was great to see them finally score a real victory for themselves, especially since they were a team of two. I liked the part with Owen sliding down with the T-Bar and trying to mimic Alejandro's moves only to dive into a river of piranhas. It was also pretty hilarious watching Tyler keeping on getting the name of the T-Bar wrong and then sliding down with the T-Bar with no pants on and into the river of piranhas. Izzy sliding down with Noah was a pretty entertaining moment too, though it was brief. I also laughed a little when Gwen "touched" Cody's butt and then Cody was like "Who wears undies in the Amazon?", and it was pretty funny seeing Gwen go insane after poking herself with the epipen. I also liked Gwen's rap and Heather's brief solo during the song in the episode. Heather getting worshipped was fun while it lasted and the twist about the Zing Zings was really hilarious. And there were a few small moments, like Heather and Gwen bickering, and Chef drumming over Chris while he was speaking. However, there are a few problems with this episode. I felt pretty bad for Gwen throughout this episode, as everyone was suddenly out to get her when she said that a visit to the Amazon would mean good luck for Team Amazon. Everyone suddenly gets mad at her for her mistake. Sierra was also creepy in this episode and a bit over the top with her Cody obsession. Chris was also really annoying in this episode and didn't even bother coming to the Amazons' rescue and instead made them sing and fend for themselves. The losers of the challenge were really obvious and the challenge clearly seemed biased to the disadvantage of the Amazons. The irony is pretty obvious here. With that being said though, this episode has more good than bad and is a GOOD episode, though slightly close to being in the meh pile. I'm also shipping Aleheather right now! Heather's totally into him, even if she doesn't seem like it! ;) 

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