Episode 61: Slap Slap Revolution

Premise: The contestants head to the German Alps for their next challenge. Alejandro begins to manipulate Leshawna, Heather continues to convince her teammates that she's valuable, and Lindsay finally remembers Tyler!

Fun Fact: Alejandro's full name is Alejandro Burromeurto! (means dead donkey in Spanish). Also, Sierra's parents are German.

Location: German Alps, Germany

Challenge: Grind a giant German sausage, race down a snowy hill, and beat teams in a German dance-off

Song: Eine Kleine (sung by cast)

Winner(s): Team Amazon

Eliminated: Leshawna, for losing the challenge for Team Victory by jumping from her dance mat to beat up Heather

My Favorite Part: The dance-off challenge

I liked this episode a lot. The animation of the alps was really great and colorful. In addition, the challenges fit the German theme pretty well and they were really entertaining to watch, particularly the dance-off. I really loved the caps that Team Amazon and Chris wore (reminded me very much of Robin Hood and the Huntsman's cap from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves). There were also a lot of really funny jokes in this episode, like Owen accidentally disgracing Alejandro's real name by saying "Al! Give me an Alehint!", Lindsay almost causing an avalanche that is later caused by Tyler, everyone getting mad at Heather for throwing out their meat grinder and for well, being Heather. The song was entertaining and the lyrics were really hilarious as well as Sierra's German song. There were also other small moments, like Cody and Sierra screaming at the beginning, Leshawna landing on Alejandro, Izzy yodeling in the grinder and accidentally landing on Noah's pelvis, Team Amazon wiping out on their meatboard, Chef's German dance, and Sierra kicking off DJ from the dance mat and then randomly falling asleep on one. There were also some pretty funny quotes, like when Courtney said, "Less yakking, more packing!" and Sierra screaming, "Meat Cody! No!!" It was also pretty funny seeing Heather get irritated by Alejandro and his flirting and it was pretty clever of her to outsmart Alejandro and distract him during the dance-off, thus proving herself valuable for her team. I guess my only problems with this episode were Leshawna easily letting herself getting manipulated by Alejandro and the way Leshawna slapped Heather seemed a bit too realistic and painful. Nevertheless, it was pretty funny, but I guess they're back to being enemies again. Overall, good episode with some great comedy and character interactions. 

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