Episode 59: Broadway Baby

Premise: The contestants head to New York City for their next challenge. Meanwhile, Sierra begins to irritate Chris, Heather allies with Sierra, and Gwen and Courtney team up against Heather.

Fun Fact(s): Chris had a cooking show called, "Keeping it Plain with Chris McClean", he was in an 80s boy band called Fametown, he made terrible movies about cats, and he was born in 1978!

-There was also a deleted scene where Cody falls inside Lady Liberty's busooms (is that how you spell that?)

Challenge: Race to Central Park, bobbing for Big Apples

Song: What's Not To Love

Winner(s): Team Amazon

Elimination: None

Reward: Apples, candy, a meat grinder

My Favorite Part: Chris and Fametown

I liked this episode a lot. There were a lot of really good jokes in this. Sierra annoying Chris was pretty creepy but also really funny at the same time. The Fametown joke killed me and man did it cause Chris to lose it! Owen also had some pretty funny moments, like him sleeping on Noah in the beginning and getting a "push down" from Alejandro ("great big apple!"). I also laughed at that scene when Noah was left behind with a random lady instead of her baby and the other scene when Tyler dives into the pond and fails. Heather was really great in this episode. I loved the tension between her and Alejandro. I liked how she was the gal who wouldn't take nonsense from him, but Alejandro just flirts with her. I also did like the idea of her forming an alliance with Sierra. I also liked how she was trying to prove to her team that she's valuable when Courtney and Gwen decide to team up against her to "whip her off". And throwing out the meat grinder was probably not the best idea for her team O__O. Chris was also pretty funny in this episode, especially when he gets mad at Sierra and gets impatient when the contestants take too long to get the carts ("I'm tired. I'm hungry. And I gotta pee!"). It was also funny when he called Cody a baby and then talks about Heather and she's like, "I'm standing right here!" The song had some of the finest animation that I have ever seen on this show. So many dazzling colors and views of New York City. I also noticed a Breakfast at Tiffany's reference during Lindsay's part! The slapstick is also great, especially Leshawna's terrible dancing and Owen throwing a hot pretzel at Noah. The animation is fantastic and I like the way that New York was portrayed. This is a great episode. 

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