Episode 58: Anything Yukon Do I Can Do Better

Premise: The contestants head to the Yukon for their next challenge. Meanwhile, Bridgette falls for Alejandro.

Fun Fact: Chris's favorite drink is tomato juice. Also, Tyler broke the piano on his first piano lesson on account of his strong fingers. 

Location: Yukon, Canada

Challenge: Hop on ice chunks that cross waterway, dogsled to the finish line while picking up your teammates at poles.

Song: Stuck to a Pole (by Bridgette, Heather, Gwen, and Courtney)

Winner(s): Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot

Eliminated: Bridgette, for getting too distracted by Alejandro 

My Favorite Part: Tyler winning for his team

I was very conflicted on how to feel about this episode. It was somewhere between meh and bad. Unfortunately, it is not a good episode because Bridgette falling for Alejandro and kissing him and a pole was very out of character for her. She had potential to grow into a better character, but the most she did in her time was fall for Alejandro and mope about Geoff. She's much smarter and better than that. I found her elimination to be very mean-spirited. Also, DJ's running gag gets really annoyingly repetitive and it's not funny at all. He also cries so much in this episode and it gets a bit annoying to listen to. The episode is pretty predictable too and given that Bridgette got too distracted, it was really obvious that Team Victory was going to lose again. There's really not any suspense nor drama. There were a few things that I liked though. It was nice seeing Sierra try to save Cody from certain doom and it was pretty funny when she throws a frozen Cody to shore, only for him to crash. Noah hugging Bridgette and then falling on the ice and accidentally getting knocked down by Owen was pretty funny. It was also nice seeing Tyler stick up for his team and actually help them win a challenge. That is great character development on his part. There was also the song, which was pretty catchy. I also liked the part when Heather whipped Courtney and Owen trying to give Alejandro a high-five. This episode is pretty light on jokes and doesn't have that much suspense, but has just enough good moments to save it from being in the bad pile. It's a MEH episode. 

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