Episode 56: Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2

Premise: The three teams must race across the Nile River for the next part of their challenge with their reward. A team swap also occurs.

Fun Fact: Cody sleeps with a stuffed emu named Jerry! Also, Sierra is a fourth-generation basket weaver!

Location: The Nile River - Egypt

Challenge: Make it to the Nile River with your prize and weave a canoe to race across the Nile River.

Song: Lovin' Time/Rowin' Time

Winner(s): Team Amazon

Reward: First class

Eliminated: Ezekiel, for accidentally losing his team's reward during the canoe race. 

Elimination Method: Drop of Shame (those safe get barf bag of peanuts)

My Favorite Part: Izzy speaking camel

This is another solid episode. It as just about as much comedy as the last one. Izzy speaking camel was really hilarious and it's great to see her as her usual self again. Heather was absolutely hilarious in this episode. I like the scene when she gushes over Alejandro in the confessional: "What is his deal? He is just so....perfect! Ugh!" and when she tries talking to the camel herself, and then tells Courtney and Gwen to listen to her more and they start laughing. And that other moment when she makes fun of Cody's flirting by saying, "Hear that? It's the sound of girls all over the world running and rushing just to lock their doors!" and tries to be the team captain and Courtney says, "It's Team Amazon! Not Dictatorship Amazon!" It's also funny seeing the three of them bicker. I also like the way Noah says "Stalkerlicious!" and the way Owen whistles the Canadian National Anthem through his nose. There were a few other small things like Ezekiel accidentally messing up the song, Lindsay voting for everyone in the confessional, and Duncan falling off the plane. It's also great to see Alejandro's foreshadowing as a villain. This is exactly what Justin should have been. It also makes the audience wonder why he hates being called Al? (I know the answer, but the audience didn't at the time it aired!). I also felt a bit sorry for Zeke when he was the first one eliminated again, but it's nice to see how he won't give up (unfortunately that is an aspect that will bite his character and this season in the butt later). Overall, this is a good episode. 

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