Episode 53: TDA Aftermath IV: Who Wants To Pick A Millionaire?

Premise: The eliminated contestants have to decide who should win the million dollars.

Fun Fact: This is the first time a contestant recaps what happened in the previous episode (i.e. Geoff!).

Challenge: Decide who should win the million dollars

Winner(s): Duncan/Beth

Eliminated: Duncan/Beth, for not getting enough votes to win the game

Reward: One million dollars (duh!)

My Favorite Part: Izzy voting for Explosivo

Overall, I would say that this is a solid way to end the season. The only flaw is that it can get a little bit dull at times, but I have to say that the comedy in this episode definitely made up for it. Eva's line cracked me up and I definitely don't want to know what happens when she's bored! I also liked some of the challenges and questions each contestant came up with for the final 2, like the Hole-in-the-Wall challenge, the drawing challenge, the dance-off, and the eating challenge. Trent's question was really, really awkward, but I shrugged it off. I also liked the clip montage of Chris's embarrassing footage, Beth's clumsiness throughout the season, and some shocking clips of Duncan showing his nice side and Beth showing her mean side. This episode did keep me invested and I really wanted to know who voted for who and who would win the season. The part when the contestants casted their votes made for some really good laughs, like Owen going to the bathroom and Leshawna and Trent getting grossed out, Courtney getting sprayed with ink on her face, Izzy's evil laughter, Lindsay using her vote for a tissue, and Gwen covering her vote and saying, "I refuse to be predictable!" There were many little moments, like Geoff and Bridgette making out in the control room, Izzy voting for Explosivo, DJ Jazzy Chef's appearance, Heather getting mad for not making it to the final 2, Owen trying to do jumping jacks, and Courtney's scream being muted. I also liked seeing Duncan and Courtney make up and we finally get an appearance from Brady, who is even hotter in person. Personally, I think Beth deserved it more than Duncan since she worked harder than him and has been through quite a bit in the season. I don't have too much to say about this finale. Overall, it was a solid conclusion to the finale and it tied up all the loose ends really well. One thing to note is that this is one of the last satisfactory finales that we are going to get in this series. So, enjoy it while you can. Well, I'll see you all tomorrow as I review Celebrity Manhunt and write my Total Drama Action seasonal review! Almost there! 

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