Episode 43: Dial M For Merger

Premise: The teams are dissolved and the contestants participate in a spy movie challenge

Challenge: Retrieve a package while avoiding lasers, escape an exploding building, defuse time bomb

Winner(s): Courtney and Lindsay

Elimination: None

Reward: Trip to a local cheese factory

My Favorite Part: The spy parody

This is another solid episode. I really loved the scenes with spy parodies, particularly the spy parody at the beginning when Chris throws a tomato as blood to parody the intro to the James Bond movies. I really liked his eye patch that greatly resembled the main James Bond villain and I laughed at the scenes when his cat attacked him. Not to mention his "Russian" accent and the debate each of the contestants had over what accent it was (Japanese? Jamaican? Swedish? French? Italian?). The challenges were also brilliant and I was wondering how each of the contestants were going to get past all the lasers, escape the exploding building, and deactivating the time bombs. The animation was also great here. I really liked Courtney's moves that made Duncan howl like a wolf and the 6teen reference in the beginning. Lindsay also had some pretty great moments, like when she claimed that she knew a lot about bombs and was in a musical that "bombed", but ironically, she really doesn't! She also had a really hilarious quote when she told Courtney, "Yay! We get to cut the cheese together!" and another scene when she wonders if she's wearing the right bomb deactivating clothing. Chris faking out everyone with the explosions were really hilarious and it was pretty shocking when he gave a cheap reward out in the end. I also liked that Leshawna finally made an alliance with Harold and Duncan, a plotline that was mentioned a few episodes ago, providing some continuity. However, it is a bit weird that the contestants were still mad at Leshawna about the spa incident. Also, Justin planned to use his brains for the competition, only to break it off in the end, proving that he's a very lame, underwhelming villain. Aside from those aspects, this episode is definitely an enjoyable one and the spy parody made this episode really good. 

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