Episode 29: Alien Resurregg-tion

Premise: The contestants participate in an alien movie challenge to capture alien eggs while avoiding Mama Alien Chef. One couple bonds while another couple gets on the others' nerves.

Fun Fact: Izzy has an alien tracking device on her neck. She's also been abducted many times! Also, apparently last season, Heather put laxatives in Chef's brownies.

Challenge: Capture alien eggs on set while avoiding Mama Alien Chef and paintballs

Winner(s): Gwen and Trent 

Reward: They are now captains of different teams; meaning, they will have to compete against each other this season.

Eliminated: Geoff and Bridgette, for constantly annoying people with their make-out sessions

My Favorite Part: Heather losing her wig

This is yet another solid episode. There's a lot of good comedy and excitement in this episode. I really liked all the twists in this episode, like Owen picking prunes for breakfast instead of bacon and eggs, Trent and Gwen being forced to be the leaders of opposing teams this season, the first double elimination in the show, the tension behind the sucking noises (Chris or Chef when it was actually Bridgette and Geoff!), and Lindsay, Beth, Justin, and Leshawna heading for a trap in the set. There are a lot of good jokes in this, like Heather losing her wig and being bald forever (or will she?), Izzy putting ketchup on her pancakes, Izzy and Chef facing off in a paintball battle, Owen farting on Geoff and Bridgette and forcing Geoff to drop Bridgette, Chef demanding that Chris give him his money ("Where's my money? Give me my money!!"), the Gilded Chris hitting Lindsay during the ceremony, Duncan mocking Geoff and Bridgette in the confessional, and everyone's hilarious, grossed-out reactions to Geoff and Bridgette making out constantly. It's kind of a shame that Geoff and Bridgette were reduced to this degree. They had so much potential for their relationship as well as their individual characters to develop, but that was all thrown away in this episode. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. I was a bit confused about Trent's behavior and his jealously of Gwen and Duncan's friendship. However, it's not nearly as bad as we'll see in two future episodes. However, he makes up for it by genuinely caring for Gwen, him saving Gwen's necklace, and his comment about Duncan saying that hairspray's really manly. Overall, this is another great episode and almost everything is done perfectly here. 

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