Episode 24: Are We There, Yeti?

Premise: The contestants are stuck in the middle of the woods and have to race back to camp. Duncan and Owen team up and Gwen and Heather team up. 

Challenge: Survive the woods and race back to camp

Winner(s): Gwen and Heather

Eliminated: Duncan, because of the fact that Chef didn't like him.

My Favorite Part: Sasquatchinakwa Encounter

So, in general, I like this episode. Like "Wawanakwa Gone Wild", this episode has a Looney Tunes feel to it with the girls and the guys constantly pranking each other and a lot of humorous slapstick occurring as a result. There were some good things in this episode, like the suspenseful beginning, and I really liked it that Chef hosted a show on his own without Chris. It was definitely different and it made the other contestants miss Chris! I also chuckled when he referred to the contestants as "delinquent" (Duncan) and "chubby" (Owen) and "grim" (Gwen) and "grimmer" (Heather). And once again, I really liked the prank montage between the teams and the Sasquatch encounter was really funny. And you gotta love the parts when Owen eats all of Chef's sticky buns and then the ending mask scene at the Boat of Losers with Chef (or was it the Sasquatch?). I don't really have too much to say about this episode. It's not the best, but it's still good. 

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