Episode 23: Camp Castaways

Premise: After a flood, the contestants are stranded on a deserted island and forced to fend for themselves and deal with each other. 

Fun Fact: Owen has a stash of junk food at camp!

Challenge: Technically survive the island and each other

Winner(s): None

Eliminated: Mr. Coconut, for mentally destroying Owen and for having a very pointless existence

My Favorite Part: Duncan stabbing bananas

I'm sorry guys, but this was not a very good episode. I have to put it in the "bad episode" category. I didn't want to believe that there could be a bad episode in the first season, but this episode is just not good. The existence of this episode is pointless, though nothing really horrible or offensive about it. I felt that Leshawna could have competed in this level and there could have been a proper elimination for her. But instead, we get this episode. However, there are some small things that I liked, including Heather and Gwen bickering in the beginning, Heather getting covered in leeches, Owen slapping himself silly in the confessional, Duncan stabbing bananas, and a few other slapstick moments here and there. But this episode is just light on everything. It's not very funny and it's not very dramatic either. Another nitpick that I have with this episode is that the pterodactyl that flies nearby is one of our first instances that the show feels unrealistic. Fortunately, it's downplayed in this season and the next, but it becomes to be a major theme in the later seasons (especially seasons 4-6). The tone also feels out of place and slightly childish and all that it amounts to are the contestants bickering, which we didn't really see before (though a lot from Gwen-Heather, Duncan-Heather, and Owen-Heather, but not really Duncan-Gwen). It's a real shame, because the episodes before it were truly fantastic. 

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