Episode 20: Wawanakwa Gone Wild!

Premise: The campers are assigned certain animals that they have to trap in this next challenge.

Fun Fact: Owen is 296 lbs! Also, Geoff won student council president 2 years running without even having to give a speech and Izzy has an IQ of 188!

Challenge: Catch your assigned animal (includes frog, duck, chipmunk, raccoon, beaver, deer, and bear). The first to do so will be treated to a meal consisting of your favorite foods!

Winner(s): Gwen

Eliminated: Izzy, for failing to catch her animal and shooting everything in her path, including Chef, a deer Heather, a beautiful horse, and a plane.

My Favorite Part: Izzy's disappearance after her elimination (in a poof of smoke)

This episode sort of plays out like a Looney Tunes cartoon, which I always find entertaining. There were some jokes that I chuckled at in this episode, like Duncan threatening to find anyone who doesn't vote for him in the finals, Heather getting irritated by her animal (bear) and her general sarcasm throughout the episode, Heather falling in a fish bucket after she and Gwen fight over a net, the raccoons ganging up on Duncan "Transformers" style, Izzy accidentally shooting down Heather and Chef, and Owen getting mauled by the caged animals. It was also pretty funny seeing Owen as the naturalist, which reminds me very much of Calvin's imagination from Calvin and Hobbes. It was also pretty smart of Heather to pretend to still be paralyzed and make Duncan clean the bathrooms using Gwen's toothbrush. The episode is not as funny as the last few episodes and the humor can be a bit repetitive at times, but it was still decent. There are a few weird things in this episode though, like Gwen getting her reward ruined. It was pretty stupid. And also apparently ducks can run now?! And I'm also kinda shipping DuncanxHeather (lol jk!). Nevertheless, the episode is decent, but not very memorable. 

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