Episode 19: Hook, Line, and Screamer

Premise: After watching a horror movie, the contestants have to learn to survive a real horror movie in this challenge.

Fun Fact: Duncan's a pyro!

Challenge: Survive a horror movie and avoid the Escaped Psycho Killer with a Chainsaw and a Hook

Winner(s): Gwen

Eliminated: DJ, for freaking out when he didn't even see the Escaped Psycho Killer with a Chainsaw and a Hook

My Favorite Part: Gwen's confrontation with the real Escaped Psycho Killer with a Chainsaw and a Hook

Now, THIS is an episode that is REALLY memorable. I remember so much from this episode and there were so many great moments in this. This episode makes for a great satire of horror movies and it does its job SO well. There are a LOT of hilarious jokes in this. Where do I even begin with these jokes? Gwen and Duncan scaring DJ, Heather saying that Gwen and Duncan have more in common than bad fashion sense, DJ getting scared and on a scream spree, Heather's snarky attitude towards the challenge ("playing Boogeyman"), Heather getting spooked in the shower, Owen and Izzy falling off the cliff, Izzy being creepy in general, Izzy knocking out Owen after leaving her to die, Leshawna and the brownies, Duncan defeating Chef and cutting off his hook with his chainsaw, Chef's brilliant performance as the psycho killer, Gwen shrugging off the real psycho killer and not being very scared by him, and then facing off against him in a seemingly dangerous confrontation. My only nitpick about this episode is that OwenxIzzy comes right out of nowhere, but it was used for comedic purposes and I will say that it works pretty well. Another thing that I liked was that Heather didn't win this time around and she isn't godplaying (unlike certain godplaying that we will see much, much later...but oh man we'll get there....). I really love this episode and its suspenseful and humorous atmosphere. I would watch this episode over and over again. 

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