Episode 13: X-treme Torture

Premise: The contestants participate in an extreme sports challenge. Also, a mysterious love poem also spreads around camp. 

Fun Fact: Geoff has a tattoo on his butt!

Challenge: Participate in extreme sports! Includes: X-Treme Sofa Bed Skydiving, X-treme Rodeo Moose Riding, and X-Treme Seadoo Water Skiing.

Winner(s): Screaming Gophers

Eliminated: Harold, for being distracted by Heather's boobies during the water skiing challenge.

My Favorite Part: Heather's boobies (duh!) and everyone's reaction to it.

This is yet another solid episode. There are definitely some good jokes, like Chris startling everyone with his plane at the beginning, Heather threatening Owen and Owen coughing up a marshmallow on Heather, the couch eating up DJ and the Killer Bass trying to act casual, and Trent asking Gwen if his hair was messed up. Lindsay outsmarting Duncan's tricks was really great and it made for some good character development for her and just proved to the audience that she's not as dumb as she looks! There were also other small moments like Chris's slow-mo scene during Geoff's fall, Geoff trying to impress Bridgette at the beginning with his water-skiing and Trent driving the boat and taking him for the ride of his life, and Owen burping on Gwen. None of those moments come close to my favorite moment of this episode: Heather's boobies. Can't believe Cartoon Network got away with that on the show! But hey, if Animaniacs can have innuendo and get away from the censors, then why not other shows? That moment was really memorable and Harold left the show with no regrets! He lost, but he saw boobies! And Leshawna chasing Heather down angrily because of it was really funny. There were several other unexpected moments, like DJ pushing Trent off the plane. It was unexpected, but pretty funny. It was also very unexpected that Harold wrote that love haiku for Leshawna. That moment when they all found out was really sweet and definitely one of the sweetest eliminations of the whole show. The only downside for this episode was that aside from that ending and Heather's melons, the episode isn't as memorable as some other episodes of the season. But that doesn't hurt this episode from being good. 

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