Episode 118: Pahk'd With Talent

Premise: The final three each get to make up their own challenges in an interesting twist.

Challenge(s): Sky's challenge is a hurdle race; Shawn's challenge is a tree-hopping one; Sugar's challenge is a talent show

Winner(s): Shawn and Sky

Reward: Move on to the final two

Eliminated: Sugar, for giving an awful performance of her Craptry in the talent show

My Favorite Part: The talent show

The challenge for this episode was BRILLIANT. I'm surprised that they haven't thought about this idea before. But I thought it was a really great idea. It was awesome getting to see Shawn, Sky, and Sugar showcase their strengths and talents in this episode. The hurdles challenge gave Sky a great chance to shine and she won for herself, which made up for the time she came second in that hurdles competition! It was also pretty funny seeing Sugar collect hurdles and thinking it was some kind of scavenger hunt. The tree challenge was also a lot of fun to watch. Sugar's victory was definitely a good surprise ("My neck brain!"). Also did not see the monkey with the chainsaw coming ("Pretty please with bananas on top!")! The talent show at the end was definitely the highlight of the episode. Sky's burping routine was pretty great, Shawn's armpit serenade holds a special place in my heart to this day, and Sugar's Craptry was absolutely hilarious (especially when she made Scuba Bear 2.0 blow up and send the sharks packin'!). It was also a pretty good twist for her elimination. Wish we could have seen her in the finale... There were also other great moments, like the opening with Sugar and the log and her in the confessional saying, "I wasn't really gonna hit her...on camera!" Shawn's floor plans for the zombie bed-and-breakfast was pretty funny and the scene with Chris randomly choosing the order for the contestants' challenges thanks to the interns was hilarious. The turtle hurdles scene was funny and we also get Chef singing before the talent show, which is fantastic considering how little of Chef we've been seeing lately. Considering how popular Chef is among Total Drama fans, you would THINK the writers would use him more. Also, take relief that one of the starving interns in Sundae Muddy Sundae is alive and well. We also have the That's Gonna Leave A Mark! theme playing, which is awesome! Overall, a great episode and one of my favorites of the season. Well, I'll see you all with my last episode blog and last seasonal review of the summer :'(. 

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