Episode 116: Scarlett Fever

Premise: The contestants learn that the island is artificial and are on a mission to stop Scarlett from destroying the island. 

Challenge: Stop island from self-destructing (and stop Scarlett)

Winner(s): Nobody

Eliminated: Scarlett and Max, for being evil

My Favorite Part: Scarlett's revelation

Despite the many robotic and unrealistic elements that this episode shows, it's still a really fantastic episode. First of all, is it just me or did I see several references to TDA here? I mean, the backgrounds look very similar to the alien movie and disaster movie (2nd part) sets and there's also that amazing spy music that played in Masters of Disaster and Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special. Yeah, it's good to see those winks to that awesome season. Now, let's get into the amazing stuff. I loved Scarlett's revelation here. I thought it was BRILLIANT. I mean, she started off as this quiet, strange, and harmless nerd, but gradually showed her evil side as the season went on. Plus, her villain design is AWESOME. She actually proves to be a pretty dangerous villain. Even going as far as to sending deadly Chris bots after the contestants and eliminating the contestants PERMANENTLY. Wow, that's something you rarely see on a show like this. It was also hilarious seeing Max getting scared of her, which shows how much of a wimp he really is under all that "evil". I also did like the way he outsmarted Scarlett close to the end with that Chris bot. And the way that Sugar ties up Scarlett with her pony tail was pretty hilarious. Chris actually pulled a funny quote at the end when he tells Scarlett, "You're more eliminated than anyone has ever been eliminated, even that beatbox guy!" Also did not see Max's elimination coming, which is a pretty shocking one (which is a good thing!). Sugar also had a few funny moments, like when she questions why puppets have legs and then claims that she's the girl version of Sky. Sky also compliments Sugar by saying that she's great at staying positive. Team Sugar all the way! Jasmine and Shawn were also cute in this episode, like gushing over each other in the confessional, kissing through the lasers, and Shawn beating down the Chris bots. Chris also had a pretty funny moment when he told Chef his emergency, which was about the foamy thing in the coffee. Then, he casually sips his coffee and says that Scarlett's going to destroy the island. I have to admit that that scene did get a laugh out of me. What else can I say about this episode? It's easily the best episode of the season, despite how unrealistic the season is now. It has more than enough comedy, drama, and excitement to make up for it, like any episode should. 

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