Episode 114: Three Zones And A Baby

Premise: The contestants are given the difficult task of baysitting. Max has a thing for the babies, Topher gets a call that he will replace Chris as host, and Jasmine encourages Sky to not let Dave get in her way.

Fun Fact: Sugar accidentally lost her little brother and apparently didn't know what his name was!

Challenge: Get through three obstacle courses without waking the babies (first, get through rattlesnakes and lions, then get past a blind-folded Chef and his machine gun and Pasta Bear, and finally, avoid causing an avalanche).

Winner(s): Team Maskwak

Eliminated: Topher, for being tricked by Chris and Chef into thinking that he will be the new host of the show. 

My Favorite Part: Max and the baby gag

This is a decent episode. I really liked the gag with Max and the baby. I kind of suspected that Max had a very soft side to him :P. But the gag was really funny and cute, and I laughed at the part when Max hid the baby under his shirt. It was also funny seeing Sugar laugh at him for the way he says "evil" and his soft side. It was much funnier than a June bug caught in Sugar's grandma's wig! I also liked Sugar's quote to Pasta Bear: "Back off fur ball! This ain't dinner for two! Find your own grub!" The scenes with Chef and the pasta gun were also pretty fun to watch and it's great to see that the writers haven't forgotten about him! Jasmine also pulled a pretty good quote from her sleeve when she told Topher, "Time to step up your game, or I'm going to step on your game!" I also liked the internal tension Sky was facing on whether or not she wanted to focus on the game or Dave. It also made me realize how intimidating Jasmine can be! But nevertheless, it was an interesting internal conflict. It was also pretty funny seeing Scarlett threaten Topher like that and Topher remarking, "When did Scarlett get so scary?" I also liked the twist of Chris and Chef outsmarting Topher. It was predictable, but I thought it was well done. Topher definitely left at the right time and had a good amount of screentime. The only things I didn't like about this episode was Dave moaning about getting rejected by Sky and the weird hint about the island being mechanical, which felt very unrealistic. Dave, rejection happens all the time. Grow up and get over it. Nitpicks aside, this episode is good. Not much to say. Also, can rattlesnakes really eat grown lions?

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