Episode 112: Mo Monkey Mo Problems!

Premise: The contestants partake in a monkey scavenger hunt to find a golden coin. Ella also experiences a major dilemma.

Fun Fact: The Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Fish Tails from Total Drama World Tour make an appearance!

Challenge: Find coin amongst the monkeys

Winner(s): Team Maskwak

Reward: Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Fish Tails!

Eliminated: Ella; disqualified by Chris for singing

My Favorite Part: Ella's exit song (when is it not anyone's favorite part of this episode?)

This is a GOOD episode. Ella's exit song definitely made this episode great. Not only that, but there were also a lot of good jokes in this. It was pretty funny seeing Max wake up his "sidekick" and then Scarlett say in the confessional, "Yeah...he's starting to annoy me." Sugar was also really hilarious. It was pretty funny seeing the way she tried to comfort Sky and it was pretty strategic of her to say that Dave was hitting on every female contestant. Also gotta love the scene when she licks the vending machine. Her analogy of Dave playing girls like a herd of banjos was also pretty funny and there was also that hilarious scene when she tries to use the element of surprise. The part when she tries to get the coin out of the monkey was really gross and a bit uncomfortable to watch, but thankfully, it was over fast. Also gotta love the way she spells anonymous (ugh-nonymous) and gone (gawn). Max was also really funny in this episode. It was pretty hilarious seeing Jasmine give him a wedgie and then Max say that she has a dumb face disease and is a stinky bad person. He's such a wimpy villain. That's why almost everytime he's on screen, he doesn't fail to amuse me. It was funny seeing the way he explained his evil plans and mimics Team Maskwak and then gleefully admit that he was the one who built the trap and was responsible for getting his own team trapped. There were also a few little scenes, like the bear cuddling with Dave, the bear eating the monkey, Ella calling Max a gnome, and Scarlett giving a very complicated explanation of her plans (use...little...words). My only problems with the episode were some of the gross-out jokes and especially that part when Max is covered in monkey poop and Dave breaking Ella's heart and Shawn trying to get Jasmine back, which felt a bit soap-opera-y. But those things don't ruin what is otherwise a pretty good episode. 

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