Episode 109: Twinning Isn't Everything

Premise: The two teams compete in a painful balloon battle. Samey also tries to get payback against her sister.

Fun Fact: Chris is 30 years old!

Challenge: Doom balloon battle

Winner(s): Team Maskwak

Reward: Mary's Lamburgers

Eliminated: Amy (originally, Samey was going to get the boot, but she switched places with Amy to make her get the boot instead).

My Favorite Part: Samey getting payback against Amy.

This is another solid episode. I really liked Jasmine and Samey's friendship a lot in this episode. They share a legitimately great connection here. They're both not very popular, as Amy keeps putting Samey down, and people find Jasmine intimidating (poor Jasmine :P). I really like how Jasmine convinces Samey to stand up against Amy and to be more assertive against her. And you know what, she actually does the best that she can and it really pays off in the end. I really liked the elimination twist in this episode and it's great to see Samey get revenge against that...BULLY. I mean, yes, you can argue that Sugar is a bully to Ella, but Sugar is actually really funny and has more of a personality to her. Amy is just a one-dimensional rehash of Heather, minus all the likeability and sarcastic humor. But back to Amy and Samey. It was great seeing Samey be more assertive towards Amy. I also liked the interactions between Jasmine and Shawn and the great connection they have with each other. It was also pretty cool seeing Shawn camoflauging himself as tree bark. Sugar was pretty funny in this episode. She does so many weird things, like tackle Shawn, have a snake wash her face and then randomly throw it at Rodney, and making a weird analogy by comparing Topher's wily nature to that of a hog with a library card! I can't help myself. I just love Sugar and how weird and kooky she is. It was also funny seeing her get irritated with Ella's singing. As always, I still like Ella's singing and how she always has a consistently sweet nature to her. Max and Scarlett were pretty fantastic in this episode too. It was funny seeing Max trying to be evil with his evil laugh and sharing his evil strategies to Scarlett. And ironically, she proves to be much smarter than Max. It was pretty funny seeing her sarcasm towards Max's plans. And even though Topher was a bit annoying in some parts, it was pretty funny seeing him report on the conflicts between Team Kinosewak. Overall, a GOOD episode. 

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