Episode 100: Suckers Punched

Premise: The contestants square off against old enemies in a boxing tournament. Alejandro and Jose have a family reunion, Courtney and Gwen bicker over past events, and Duncan tells Zoey about Mal. 

Fun Fact: Scott has a sister named Albertha (who's called "Al"!). Also, Cameron's full name is Cameron Corduroy Wilkins. And including the specials, this is the 100th episode of the series! 

Challenge Based On: Phobia Factor, No Pain, No Game

Challenge: Boxing against old enemies. Includes Izzy the spider from Finders Creepers, Fang, the budgie, Jose, the mother of the rat babies, mutant gophers, Courtney and Gwen boxing each other

Winner(s): Villainous Vultures

Exiled to Boney Island: Alejandro

Eliminated: Sierra, because the Villainous Vultures chose her to go home.

My Favorite Part: Courtney and Gwen becoming friends

Even though I don't like this episode as much as Evil Dread, it's still a pretty solid episode. I really loved seeing Courtney and Gwen finally become friends. It's about time too! Alejandro facing off against Jose was really epic too and it was great to see him reveal his feelings for Heather on live TV! Duncan and Zoey interacting in the beginning was nice (but NO, I do not ship them as a couple. That would be really weird. Plus, I think I've seen enough of Duncan in the romance department.). Speaking of Duncan, his softie plotline is actually used pretty well here. Him and the budgie were pretty funny to watch and that gag didn't seem too overused. And the nickname "Duncan Do-Right" got a good chuckle out of me. Sierra and Cameron was a bit weird, but it was funny when she randomly yells, "I'm breaking up with you!" and Cameron goes through his first break-up. I also liked the hilarious way he yelled, "Nooooo!" in the confessional. I didn't feel that sad when Sierra got eliminated. In all honesty, I felt that the writers didn't really know what to do with her this season and she should have been eliminated a bit earlier. With that being said, I'm still going to miss her, even though she was a one-note character. My only nitpicks about this episode were how brutally Izzy got beaten up (we've already seen her get crushed by the jumbo jet!) and then was never seen again, the boobies on the rat parents looked pretty horrifying, that continuity error of Gwen stating that Courtney didn't date Duncan at the time she and Duncan kissed, and Zoey turning to Tarot cards instead of speaking to her boyfriend. But those are only small moments and they don't ruin what is otherwise a good episode. This episode also didn't have as many jokes as I would have liked. So, I don't like it as much as everyone else does. But still, it's a pretty enjoyable episode. 

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