Episode 19: Dude Buggies

Premise: The teams go to Las Vegas for dune buggies and magic. The ice dancers are fed up with the goths and their winning streak, and Devin begins to fall for Carrie.

Challenge: Either collect three flags under a minute in a remote-controlled dune buggy race or perform a magic trick to make a lion disappear instead of your partner

Winner(s): Crimson and Ennui

Eliminated: None

My Favorite Part: Kitty and MacArthur fighting

This is yet another solid episode. The Kitty and MacArthur interactions were GOLD in this episode. It was pretty funny when MacArthur got mad at Kitty for cutting her off and telling her to "let it go". MacArthur's comment towards Kitty was absolutely hilarious: "You're gonna have a hard time taking selfies after I snap your little toothpick arms off!" And then Kitty calls her a mall cop in return. Kitty's stories about her addiction to video games was hilarious too and it was pretty funny when she slapped Emma for having a Noah daze. One thing that I was a bit disappointed about lately is how less of a focus Kitty has been getting lately. She's such a likable and funny character and she deserves more screentime than just being in the background with Emma getting more of the focus. But Kitty still manages to get in a good chunk of screentime here. Geoff and Brody were also amusing to watch, especially when they kept on redoing the challenge over and over again. I also liked Geoff's quote: "You're making me do the dangerous part? Best...friend...ever!" And the animation with them doing the challenge was really great. Another thing that I find pretty clever is that they made Carrie and Devin switch roles. This time, Carrie's over Devin and Devin now has a thing for Carrie, which is kind of cute. It's kind of similar to what they did with Emma and Kitty. Jacques and Josee were also great in this episode. Josee perceiving the goths as vampires was comedy gold and I also liked the ay that she referred to Jacques as "Leggy McLion Food". That's VERY similar to Jo's insult to Alejandro: "Leggy McLatin". There were also many great references in this episode, like the reference to the Aftermath Studio in TDA/TDWT, the condors in TDWT, and MacArthur's babysitter being "Jennifer Masterson". Also, Jacques looks sexy in a dress and I'm proud of him for embracing his feminine side. It was also pretty funny seeing Jacques and Don's hair stand on end when encountering the lion and the lion laughing at Ryan's boxers was hilarious. And as usual, the goths lack emotion when winning, which was hilarious. Plus, their magic trick was pretty entertaining to watch. Overall, a good episode. 

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