Episode 10: New Beijinging

Premise: The teams head to China to feed on some of China's local delicacies. The sisters and the pros maintain their alliance, Rock trys to motivate Spud, and Carrie tries to cope with her feelings for Devin.

Challenge: Skydive into Bird's Nest Stadium, eat skewer of exotic animals, and travel to Great Wall of China via rickshaw

Winner(s): Stephanie and Ryan

Elimination: None

My Favorite Part: "EAT THE PAIN...AND SMILE!" Josee

I don't have too much to say about this episode. It's another good one. This episode kind of made me warm up to the rockers a bit. Spud's sugar rush was really hilarious and it was good seeing Rock trying to motivate his friend, even if it didn't turn out so well. Spud even apologizes for blowing the challenge for them, which is good. Rock getting his hand bitten by Spud was really hilarious and I liked that scene when he tried to get Carrie's peanuts when unintentionally telling Carrie to reveal her feelings for Devin. Carrie's barfing gag was a bit too repetitive in this episode though, but it was cute how she cheered behind Devin's back. Jacques and Josee's bad luck streak was actually really hilarious. Another thing I'd like to note is that I love the way Jacques says "ankle". Very smexy ;D. I also loved Josee's quote, "EAT THE PAIN....AND SMILE!" I also liked how she roughly rubbed Jacques with the lava rock, threw yet another tantrum, and shoved the skewers down Jacques's throat. I felt sorry for Jacques though. Poor baby. Noah and Emma's interactions continued to be really adorable and it turns out Emma thinks he's hot and wants the booty! Brody is also digging MacArthur's bootay too. Brody, I think you're better off with Geoff XD. I also really liked that one scene when Noah asks Emma if she likes movies and then Owen accidentally crushes him when they land. And then when Owen asks Noah if there was any way he could help, Noah snapped at him and said, "Nothing!" Owen making fun of Noah was pretty funny and I liked the way he tried to be "subtle". "Casa-Noah" was also a great nickname for Noah. Dwayne getting stung by scorpions and going crazy was pretty funny and Ryan giving Stephanie a bumpy ride was really hilarious. Not to mention one of the best insults ever: "Cockroach breath!" Not much else to say. Good episode. 

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