After two long weeks, I'm finally back on the wikia! It's great to be back and I missed all of you so much! It was really getting cramped under there xD. Jokes aside, I would like to start off with a very sincere apology to all of you for my behavior a few weeks ago. What I did was very wrong and I certainly know better than what I did by acting like an idiot and talking back. I'm a lot more mature and better than this (I should know...I turned 20 last month!) and I've represented myself a lot better in the past. That idiotic side I showed is not who I really am, I have never been like that up until that point, and I certainly will never be like that again. I actually considered quitting because of how guilty I felt about the whole thing, but after much deliberation, I've decided that I'll be staying, but I'll be considerably more careful about what I do or say on here. Once again, I'm sorry for all that I have done and I hope you guys forgive me and don't think of me any differently. 

Lastly, I would like to take the time to start over on a fresh clean slate. My name is Gogogadget831! I have a blog series where I review every episode of Total Drama (ever!), and I have another blog series called Total Drama Theory where I talk about certain aspects of the show in depth. I am also a fanfiction writter and roleplay fanatic! Outside of the wikia community, I am an aspiring musician (pianist, singer, rapper), a computer science major with an exciting internship this summer, a proud queer female with a "kinda" dating life, an amateur drawer, a world traveler, a dog lover and friend to all animals, a superhero fan, and a worshipper of flannels! I hope we can be friends! :3

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