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Hi everyone and welcome back to Character Appreciation, a blog series that is part of this year's Project 10. To start off our thirty-seventh week, we're going to be covering the Party Guy, Owen!


Owen debuted on the very first season of Total Drama - Total Drama Island and was part of the Screaming Gophers. Throughout the series, he is shown to be a cheerful, upbeat, and optimistic guy who enjoys eating, partying, spending time with his friends, and napping. In addition to his big appetite, he has a massive farting problem, which is a prominent gag in the series. He has a talent of burping the entire alphabet, throwing really well in dodgeball, and telling entertaining stories that may or may not be fake ;). He is also shown to be very honest and not very bright and has a big heart to him. He makes friends with pretty much everyone except Heather in the first season and is shown to be one of the most popular contestants in the series. He has a crush on Izzy throughout the season as well, but their relationship would take a turn for the worst when Owen pushes Izzy in the way of the Escaped Psycho Killer with a Chainsaw and a Hook in the Horror Movie challenge. He also managed to conquer his fear of heights and flying during the season. He would later team up with Gwen in the semifinals to take down Heather and make it to the final two with her. He then held a big party after the game and was willing to give up the money and gain $1,000,000. He teamed up with Tyler, Owen, and DJ. After all the contestants lost the money, he and 13 other contestants would qualify to be in the next season: Total Drama Action.

In Total Drama Action, Owen was selected to be part of Trent's team - the Killer Grips. He got along with everyone on his team, continued possessing his same nature as in the previous season, and was one of the first people to notice Trent's obsessive behavior. When Izzy returns, Owen was eager to continue pursuing her; most of which she unfortunately ignored. He ended up breaking his jaw in the disaster movie challenge and had to miss out on the rest of the challenge. He gets his jaw sown up, which only gives him the ability to consume fluids. He would soon get back to normal by the time the bank heist movie challenge rolls along two episodes later. His hunger ultimately distracts him from the challenge and leads him to lose the challenge for his team. Thanks to the rest of his teammates wasting their votes on Courtney, he ended up being eliminated after a sole vote from Courtney. However, he gets Gilded Chris Awards from his teammates as a going away present, leading him to leave on good terms with his teammates. When the third aftermath episode rolls along, he is one of the victims of Geoff's strategy to boost up the show's ratings and one of the people to help him get back to his senses again. He also reveals that his family is running into financial problems after blowing off money on a cheese cellar. He returns to the game as a mole of Chris and his task is to stir things up among the remaining contestants to boost the show's ratings. He ends up sabotaging his teammates, including telling Harold to punch Duncan during the kung-fu movie challenge and breaking the window during the zero gravity simulation in the space movie challenge. Harold soon after begins to suspect him and Courtney and Beth discover the truth after Courtney's lawyers reveal information about him. Owen would then end up getting fired and vote for Duncan to win in the season finale. He ends up qualifying for the next season afterwards - Total Drama World Tour.

In Total Drama World Tour, Owen becomes a part of Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot. He continues trying to pursue Izzy and becomes "buddies" with Noah. He also attempts to become good friends with Alejandro, whom he calls "Al", which Alejandro absolutely detests. As the season progresses, Owen begins to tire of Izzy's antics and in the Jamaica episode, asks Noah the best way to break up with her. He would then be interrupted by the plane crashing on him and Izzy, which leaves Izzy in a coma. During her comatose state, Izzy breaks up with Owen herself, claiming that they weren't compatible. Heartbroken, Owen sings a song for her and blames himself for everything that happened. He would be supported by Gwen as well. In the middle of the season, Owen is devastated about Noah's elimination after the London episode and he slowly became fearful of Alejandro, concerned that he would get eliminated. However, he managed to win the Australia challenge for his team and as a team captain for the Sweden challenge, he uses himself as a cannon ball to strike Team Amazon's ship and win for his team. When the Niagara Falls challenge rolls along, he bonds with Blaineley, who debuted in the episode, and realizes Alejandro's true colors after having a nightmare about it. He would then get eliminated by him in the end. In the Hawaiian aftermath episode, he's forced to support Heather and in the finale, he's shown to be touched by Alejandro's confession to Heather.

Owen is shown to be alive along with the other contestants in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and makes a brief cameo appearance in the first episode of the season. He also makes a cameo in the finale of Total Drama All-Stars, playing a role in making fart balloons for the contestants as a form of having Mike and Zoey choose their helpers for the finale.

Owen and Noah would then make their debut in the spin-off, Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race as the Reality TV Pros. They perform decently well throughout the season, with Owen often carrying the team throughout the season and doing most of the work. He and Kitty would ultimately team up to get Emma and Noah together. Owen is forced to do even more work and serve as encouragement for Noah after Emma dumps him in New Zealand. Even after they get back together, Owen is still forced to do most of the work because of Noah getting distracted by Emma. He and Noah would then be eliminated in Indonesia, but they leave in high spirits.


During my initial watch of the season, I really liked Owen and he was up there as one of my favorite characters. My opinion on him kind of shifts from season to season, but overall, I have to say he's a pretty good character. He's definitely an entertaining source of comic relief throughout the series, though his fart humor can be kind of repetitive and annoying at times. I definitely admire how optimistic he is and it's really nice seeing many people gravitate towards him. Some of his finest moments include burping the alphabet, cursing out Heather, singing a touching song for Izzy, and several of his one-liners and jokes get some really good laughs. My biggest problem with him is that he's kind of a writer's pet in Total Drama. He makes it too far every season and doesn't have as much plot going on as characters like Heather, Gwen, etc. I did not like the idea of him returning again in Total Drama Action and the mole plot kind of felt like a waste of time, though it was nice seeing him feel bad about using his friends. I also definitely felt really bad for him in World Tour after Izzy's injury and how fearful he felt upon not being able to completely trust Alejandro. I personally was not a fan of his cameo in All-Stars, as it was kind of disgusting, and I thought his cameo in Revenge of the Island was just alright. His best season is definitely The Ridonculous Race because they actually VARIED up his humor rather than focusing solely on the fart jokes, showed how valuable of a team member he can be, how much of a good friend he is, and you really do have to feel for the guy because of Noah constantly berating him. The window scene in Dubai was super adorable, the driving scene in Alberta was absolutely hilarious, and his scene with the Komodo Dragon in Indonesia was also very amusing. While he was kind of a hit or a miss for me in Total Drama, I really liked him through and through in The Ridonculous Race.

Best Moment: Singing "Oh My Izzy"
Best Season: Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race
Best Episode: Jamaica Make Me Sweat


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