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Hi everyone and welcome back to Character Appreciation, a blog series that is part of this year's Project 10. To start off our second week, we're going to be covering the Evil Twin, Amy!


Amy joined Total Drama Pahkitew Island alongside her twin sister Samey, whom she constantly loves to humiliate. She is often shown to possess an impatient nature and never hesitates to take advantage of others in order to get what she wants. She blames Samey for all her failures, takes Samey's credit for her successes and accomplishments, and views her sister as an inferior Amy, or "Sparemy" in her words. These reasons above, along with her manipulative nature, have allowed her to gain more popularity than her sister. 

In Pahkitew Island, Amy and her sister are both placed on Pimâpotew Kinosewak. Her harsh treatment towards Samey is especially prominent throughout her short time on the show, including nearly getting her killed/injured during their initial descent towards the island, using her sister as a human shield in the very first challenge, taking credit over Samey for finding the berries for their team when Samey manually did the work, and fake-crying to Team Kinosewak after Samey attempts to stand up for herself. After she and Samey lose the challenge for their team in Twinning Isn't Everything during an argument, both end up in the bottom 2 of tonight's elimination. Amy finally gets her "just desserts" courtesy of her sister when Samey tricks her into eating a poisonous manchineel fruit, causing her throat to swell up and rendering her unable to speak. This allows Samey to use the "switcheroo" trick on Amy and masquerade as her own sister while Amy takes the Cannon of Shame, eliminating her. Desperate to get revenge on her sister, Amy makes a shocking return in A Blast From The Past and has a dramatic confrontation with her sister. This leads to everyone discovering Samey's past actions. Amy and Samey's fight results in Team Kinosewak losing the challenge, and yet another attempt at avoiding elimination results in both of them being eliminated.


During the first few times I watched the season, I used to hate Amy for being unlikable and basically being a rehash of Heather, minus the personality and likability. Looking back right now, I actually do not have strong feelings for her one way or the other. There were a few moments that I liked from her, like her audition tape, her classic "Oh my gag!" line, and I was particularly drawn into her confrontations with Samey in Twinning Isn't Everything and A Blast From The Past. Quite honestly though, I don't find her that interesting of a character (nor her sister for the matter). I felt throughout the season, their characters mainly revolved around each other (maybe Samey a little bit less considering her interactions with Jasmine), and I definitely would have liked to see Amy interact with other characters. It would be interesting to see how she would interact with her teammates and perhaps use her manipulative nature against them to get what she wants. Who knows? Maybe she could have been a good candidate for a main antagonist. This character does have potential and I hope that if she appears in a future season, we could explore backstory and other characteristics of her character. It would also be great if she interacted with other characters outside of Samey and developed an interesting plotline.

Best Moment: Confrontation with Samey in A Blast From The Past
Best Season: Total Drama Pahkitew Island
Best Episode: A Blast From The Past


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