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After a quick break for the month of June, Wikivision is back!

If you're new to Wikivision, welcome! Don't forget to read the rules.

How To Play

To sign up, you just have to comment on this blog and say you want to compete. Do NOT say what song you are submitting in the comments.

When you've done that, you'll need to find me in the Chat and PM me your song. You must not tell anyone else what your song is. When everyone has submitted a song, I will post a list of all the songs on this blog, as well as a link to the Google Forms page where you can vote.

Once all the votes are collected, I will add up the points and then post the results, with the amount of points each song got and who submitted it


  • Do not, under any circumstances, reveal to anyone besides me which song is yours. This is done in order to keep things fair and prevent biased votes.
  • Do not reveal your votes to anyone other than myself either, for the same reasons.
  • The contest will begin once everyone has submitted their songs, but if you still have not submitted a song 1 week after signing up, you will be disqualified and the game will begin without you.
  • if you do not vote in 3 different rounds of Wikivision despite signing up, you will not be allowed to take part in the next two rounds, and if it happens again, you will not be allowed take part at all. This isn't a nice rule, and I wish I didn't have to make it a rule, but it's becoming way too big an issue now that people are not voting.

July 2017

This month, I'm pressing the reset button. Any song can be submitted, even if it's been used before or even if the artist has made the top 3. There is no theme this month. Good luck everyone!


  1. Glenn31 - Song submitted
  2. Raised By Wolves - Song submitted
  3. Winxclubfan1 - Song submitted
  4. Gogogadget831 - Song submitted
  5. Epic~00 - Song submitted
  6. Awesome owen1 - Song submitted
  7. JIMBOYKELLY - Song submitted
  8. TRRFan6 - Song submitted
  9. JackofallCCtrades17 - Song submitted
  10. SuperMaxGuy104 - Song submitted
  11. AD744 - Song submitted
  12. Pierzina - Song not submitted
  13. Numbuhthreefan - Song not submitted
  14. Bowen567 - Song submitted
  15. SpiritAnimal - Song submitted
  16. Sarcastic Don - Song submitted
  17. ArtDraw12 - Song submitted
  18. WiiU-Blanc - Song submitted
  19. MrQuest17 - Song submitted
  20. Lifeishard - Song not submitted
  21. Geo1234 - Song submitted
  22. Duncan 99 New - Song submitted
  23. Stryzzar - Song submitted
  24. FlynnUsername - Song submitted


The following songs are also included but were not on Spotify:
Beyonce - Formation


To vote, click the link above and follow the instructions given.

  • YOU CANNOT VOTE FOR YOUR OWN SONG! Seriously, I am sick of cancelling people's votes because they voted for their own song.
  • Please do not vote if you have not entered Wikivision. If your name is on the list above, you can vote.
  • Troll voting is honestly not funny, and just very annoying. Please do not do that.


  1. Coldplay - A Sky Full of Stars - (Winxclubfan1) - 105 Marshmallows
  2. Sia - Chandelier - (WiiU-Blanc) - 92 Marshmallows
  3. Imagine Dragons - Believer - (ArtDraw12) - 89 Marshmallows
  4. Fitz and The Tantrums - HandClap - (FlynnUsername) - 80 Marshmallows
  5. Lukas Graham - 7 Years - (Awesome owen1) 70 Marshmallows
  6. Troye Sivan - YOUTH - (Gogogadget832) - 69 Marshmallows
  7. Jessie J - Price Tag - (Stryzzar) - 62 Marshmallows
  8. Clean Bandit - Symphony - (Epic~00) 61 Marshmallows
  9. Fifth Harmony - Work From Home - (AD744) - 57 Marshmallows
  10. Katy Perry - The One That Got Away - (TRRFan6) - 54 Marshmallows
  11. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit - (Bowen567) - 54 Marshmallows
  12. Beyoncé - Formation - (Sarcastic Don) - 43 Marshmallows
  13. P!nk - Who Knew - (SpiritAnimal) - 42 Marshmallows
  14. Luis Fonsi - Despacito Remix - (Glenn31) - 35 Marshmallows
  15. Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You - (JIMBOYKELLY) - 35 Marshmallows
  16. Linkin Park - Lost in the Echo (Duncan 99 New) - 34 Marshmallows
  17. Olly Murs, Luisa Johnson - Unpredictable - (MrQuest17) - 30 Marshmallows
  18. Iggy Azalea - Mo Bounce - (Raised By Wolves) - 25 Marshmallows
  19. Sleeping With Sirens - Scene Two: Roger Rabbit - (SuperMaxGuy104) 23 Marshmallows
  20. Halsey - Now or Never - (Numbuhthreefan) - 17 Marshmallows
  21. Oingo Boingo - No Spill Blood - (JackofallCCtrades17) - 15 Marshmallows
  22. Craig David - Fill Me In - (Geo1234) - 10 Marshmallows

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