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Ok, ok. Before you all start yelling at me, yes I missed 2 episodes and yes, I'm a lazy person. I will get around to Moon Madness and I have a review for episode 6 under construction. So, lets dive right into this episode then.

The episode opens with Sierra's new child(ren?) eating their breakfast, which consists of a healthy dose of electricity. This is why you should never leave Sierra alone with a newborn. She'll steal it and name it Cody, then maybe get him a brother and name that one Camody.

Speaking of that physically challenged string bean, Camody is enjoying breakfast with his new friends, who all hate him behind his back (story of my life). Wait, there's penicillin in that toast? Wow, something on TD that I'm allergic to.

Alejandro appears, walking on his hands as usu- hold Sierra's smartphone! Alejandro is walking on his legs! I forgot he could do that.

Courtney somehow managed to forget about her attraction towards Alejandro, which, you know, wasn't a major part of TDWT or anything, and calls him Al.

Alejandro tells the world he has dreams about his sexier brother (because everyone needs to know that) and says he hates being called Al.

Scott shows off his new girlfriend and a magical voice echoes through the land.

There's a Zuncan moment in the woods, but everyone forgets about that when we're transported into Mike's brain. Because ear cameras are all the rage these days. And Mike finally realises that his evil alter-ego is taking over (because his personalities disappearing and things randomly breaking while he suspects he's losing control of himself wasn't enough of a clue), but of course, Mal actually has to reveal himself for Mike to realise this.

Mike talks to himself inside his brain for a while. (Did anybody realise that the rock is actually Mal's face, on a side note did you notice the grass is green?)

Camody writes his will on toilet paper and reveals his last name is actually Codykins (Nah, not really, it's Wilkins)

Man, you're a sight for sore eyes

Well, considering Mal's eyes look quite sore, what with those circles, that's a true statement.

Chris mentions certain episodes my name (EEEEEEEEE) and Courtney proclaims her hatred for food. (No wonder that girl's so skinny)

Chef somehow changed into a dress in about 30 seconds. (Crossdressing Chef, is this like some sort of nostalgia episode, if you bring back something else from seasons 1-3 I'll probably cry)

Chris gives the heroes a point because they have Mary-Sue on their team, and the battle begins. Scott is the first to go and of course I loved seeing him get beat up by Fang. (I love that shark so much just because he hurts Scott)

I likes you perdy lady, heh heh heh heh heh heh sleep

Do you think he could sleep for the rest of the episode? I would love that.

Courtney hates my favorite mutant! Yet another reason to hate her! *writes down 'Hates Fang' in 10000 page long notebook*

Wait, Courtney likes Gwen now, aww. *tears out 15 pages*

Chris makes a cheap Ben 10 reference and Sierra fights Codysususus mom, and for once, Sierra, the most violent character on the show, loses a fight, ok?

We are then introduced to Al's brother, who the animators must have spent so much time making clothes for, seriously, his clothes are so unique. Al then beats him up for speaking the truth about Heather (harsh Al, harsh).

Mal then fights Izzy, who somehow senses that Mike is inside because Mal smells poisonous (give the dude a break, he spent the night on Boney Island) so Mal murders her (Well not really, but he literally knocked the stuffing out of her, I guess evil psycho beats Izzy psycho.

Mal tries to move in on his inner-nice person's woman, Cameron gets KO'd by gophers, Duncan refuses to fight a bird, which Gwen and Courtney think is wimpy (It's a bird! I'd be more worried if Duncan actually did hit it!) *Adds to Courtney hate list and begins a Gwen dislike list*

Gwen and Courtney fight, Chris shows Gwen and Duncan kissing, making the mean one angry and the not as mean one sad. The two eventually hug it out and officially become friends, how touching.

Anyway, the villains win, Heroes have to vote yadda yadda.

Anyway, Sierra is eliminated, so Camody Codyroy Codykins' name is legally changed to Cameron Corduroy Wilkins, and Alejandro is sent to Boney Island

Time to rate!

I give this episode an 8.5/10

  • Gwen and Courtney make up was too sudden
  • José was just a cheap face-lift and recolor for Alejandro with Brady's hair
  • Sierra didn't need to go home.
  • Heroes get a point for having Mary-Sue

I give a Flush of Shame to Zoey because there are only 4 heroes and It's a hard decision

I give a Boney Island Exile to Scott, because I don't like him.

Tune in next week (or an extended period of time after) for my review of You Regatta be Kidding Me and sometime after that my 2 overdue reviews should pop up. 


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