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Welcome back to Character Appreciation, a blog series that will run for the whole year alongside Project 10. Each week we'll take a look at one Total Drama character, what we like and dislike about them, how they've grown, and what we hope to see from them in the future. I'm Glenn31, and this week, we're looking at  Blaineley!


There's not really a lot to be said about Blaineley. She first appeared in the Celebrity Manhunt special of Total Drama Action. Her personality didn't really come through then, but it was when she made a surprise appearance in Total Drama World Tour as the Aftermath co-host that opinions on Blaineley really started to form. She ended up showing us that she is very conceited, mean, and obsessed with any kind of tea drama. She finally got her comeuppance in the third Aftermath, when Geoff's plan for revenge ended with her winning a spot on the show.

Blaineley was unpopular with the cast after debuting, though with the help of Owen she did learn to let loose a little and not worry about her public image, though she quickly went back to her old ways after his elimination. Many fans are still quite neutral about Blaineley these days, mostly because of her very short time on the show, though like everyone else, she certainly has her own fans.


As a lot of you know, this old geezer was here way back when the TDA special first aired, and admittedly I didn't look too much into Blaineley. At the time, I think everyone thought she was just a one-time character who didn't really have any importance. Then when she came onto the Aftermath I did find her kind of funny, but I felt she deserved more time on the show. I think it's safe to say I'm rather neutral on Blaineley.

Best Moment: Sending Bidgette to Siberia
Best Episode: Niagara Brawls


What about you? Despite the title, this blog is open to all opinions! Share your thoughts about Blaineley in the comments and use the userboxes {{BlaineleyFan}}/{BlaineleyHater}} too. Don't forget to share your Best Moment Best Episode of Blaineley! Next week, Raised By Wolves will be analysing and giving his opinions on the Cadet, Brick.

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