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  • I live in my very own state of mind
  • My occupation is following Christ, being awkward yet epic, drawing and cooking, archery (at a strictly beginning level), trying to be as great a person as possible
  • GleekForTheater

    Oh wow. It has been three years. ....... Wait, I think that sounds right. Y'know, unfortunately I don't watch much Total Drama anymore, or Glee for that matter! But man, I was just thinking about when I used to be a rollback on here and I wanted to stop by today and just say Hi to everyone. :) How are y'all doin? And for those who I've never met, my name's Camryn and I used to spend quite a bit of time on here. Now I'm just about done with nursing school and life is gooood. :)

    Please leave a message to let me know how you're doing, that is, if you see this and want to catch up. x) I'm busy job hunting right now so I'll be on and off the wiki today to say hello to peeps. Ciao, my friends!


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