Okay, so I decided to make a prediction of what I think/hope will happen in the new season of Total Drama. In this blog, I will be referring to the pale girl as Dawn and the redhead as Zoey.

Character Opinions

Ann Maria: Personally, I have never seen an episode of Jersey Shore, in my life, but I know how the people are and I think she will be hilarious. She appears alot in the trailer and I can see her having an important storyline. I see her going far.

B: Honestly, he's just one of those characters that doesn't stand out for me. I can't see him lasting very long, especially since he's labelled as the "silent genius". But what good is being a genius when you don't talk and share your knowledge? He is on a team, after all! I think he will be pretty boring and be one of the first ones off his team and the show.

Brick: I think Brick will be an anti-hero. I think he will be useful to his team, and possibly have a relationship with Jo, as the two seem alike. But sometimes he will be too harsh on his teammates and I think they'll vote him off for that. I can see him getting 9-6 place, but no higher than 6th.

Cameron: Another one of those characters that by the first glance I can't stand. Maybe my opinion of him will change when the show airs, but I think he will be the first one off his team. He seems really annoying and the stereotype "bubble boy" won't do him any good. They're on a radioactive island! I think he will annoy his team to the point of elimination or just be too chicken to do the challenges.

Dakota: I can't really say much about Dakota, since she only appeared in the trailer once, and even then you couldn't see her well, but I think she will be either an anti-hero or antagonist. I believe she will annoy everyone alot and anger some people with her constant attempts to get even a little fame, but I think she will be smart and outwit some of the other players.

Dawn: She seems like a really interesting character. I think she will be a fan-favourite be very useful on her team and go far. I think she'll have a nice personality, but might creep people out with her moonchild stuff(I don't know what it's called).

Jo: Jo seems like a mix of both Eva and Tyler. I can see her having a relationship with Brick and possibly getting far, but I believe she will receive 9-6 place, as well as Brick. She will most likely have a conflict with Ann Maria.

Lightning: I can see him going very far, to be honest. But I don't see him winning, as he will be strong in challenges and the others may see him as a threat.

Mike: His stereotype really interests me, especially since there has never been a contestant on the show with a disorder(unless you count Izzy's crazyness). I can see him being a protagonist and being the last male standing on his team. He will definately make it to at least the merge.

Sam: Like Cameron and B, he seems like one of those characters that will bore me. He could possibly be a protagonist, but I can't see him getting past 7th place. Especially since there are so many unique characters this season. But what's so special about a "nice-guy gamer"? It's basically just someone who spends their days playing video games and has a nice personality. Not very interesting in my opinion, but I'm probably wrong.

Scott: He will definately be the main-antagonist, especially since his stereotype is "the devious one". I think he will outwit everyone on his team and cause many surprise eliminations. I see him getting 4th, because the final 2 last season were 2 antagonists, so I don't think that'll hapen again this season.

Staci: I don't like her. And with the stereotype "compulsive liar", I believe she'll be one of the first to go and the first girl to go. I think she'll lie so much that her team won't be able to trust her and vote her off. But I could see her being an antagonist. No, scratch that. She sucks.

Zoey: I love Zoey! She is one of my favourites so far! I think it would be interesting if she had a relationship with Mike, but can't really assume it from a one minute trailer. I think she'll go far and possibly win and also be a protagonist.

Elimination Predictions

Episode 1: This will be the intro episode. The new cast will be introduced and Chris will introduce them to the new island. No elimination.

Episode 2: I think this will be the rock climbing challenge. It makes sense, because it's the challenge that's shown the most in the trailer. I think the Radioactive Rats will lose this challenge. In the trailer, so can see Dawn, B, Lightning and Sam cheering on the couch, but we honestly don't know why they are cheering and we won't know until the episode airs. I think Staci will lie in some way to the Rats(obviously) and the team will vote off B for not talking.

Winning Team: Mutant Maggots

Losing Team: Radioactive Rats

Eliminated: B

Episode 3: I think this will be the capture the flag challenge, with the giant cockroaches and the snow. I think Cameron will get on his teams nerves by being so OCD about germs and vote him off, after losing the challenge.

Winning Team: Radioactive Rats

Losing Team: Mutant Maggots

Eliminated: Cameron

Episode 4: Isnèt the title of this episode speculated to be Truth Or (Something)? It would make sense for this to be the episode where Staci just gets out of control with her lies. I can see the Mutant Maggots winning and the Radioactive Rats sending home Staci.

Winning Team: Mutant Maggots

Losing Team: Radioactive Rats

Eliminated: Staci

Episode 5: So, in this episode, the teams are tied with 5 members each left. There is Mike, Zoey, Brick, Jo and Ann Maria on the Maggots, and Dawn, Scott, Dakota, Sam and Lightning on the Rats. I think the Rats will lose yet again, and be whittled down to 4 players, versus the Maggots 5. Scott will definately stay, as well as Lightning and Dawn. I think Dakota will stay over Sam, just because I think she will be an important character, thus eliminating Sam.

Winning Team: Mutant Maggots

Losing Team: Radioactive Rats

Eliminated: Sam

Episode 6: I believe the Mutant Maggots will end their winning streak in this episode and finally lose another member. I thik Ann Maria, Mike and Zoey are too important to go this early, but I would prefer Jo to stay over Brick, so Brick can leave here.

Winning Team: Radioactive Rats

Losing Team: Mutant Maggots

Eliminated: Brick

Episode 7: With the guy-girl ratio in this episode being 3-5, a girl needs to leave here. I think either Dakota or Jo will leave, but most likely Jo. With Dakota being a semi-antagonist and Jo just being Jo, I think the Maggots will lose for thee second tiime in a row and vote off Jo, the strongest girl player.

Winning Team: Radioactive Rats

Losing Team: Mutant Maggots

Eliminated: Jo

Remaining Contestants: Dawn, Zoey, Dakota, Ann Maria, Scott, Mike and Lightning.

Episode 8: I think this will either be the merge or the last episode before the merge. Either way, I can see Dakotas fame-monging getting old and her being eliminated.

If not merge;

Winning Team: Mutant Maggots

Lossing Team: Radioactive Rats

Eliminated: Dakota

Episode 9: 6 remain...who will be eliminated tonight? And the marshmellows go to...Dawn...Mike...Ann Maria...Zoey and.......Scott! I think everyone will notice how much of a threat Lightning is and vote him off.

Eliminated: Lightning

Episode 10: Now, we get into the tough decisions. I would like the final 4 to be...Ann Maria, Scott, Mike and......hmm, Zoey or Dawn....Zoey! I think this will be a bit of a shocking elimination, especially since Dawn is already a huge fan favourite way before the show even premieres. I think her moonchild-ness will creep the others out a little and she will get eliminated.

Eliminated: Dawn

Final 4: Ann Maria, Mike, Scott, Zoey

Episode 11: There are 3 Maggots left and only 1 Rat. But, I think Ann Maria will be safe yet again as well as Zoey. Between Mike and Scott, I would have to say that Scott goes home. This seems like a good place for him to go, and that would leave 2 protagonists and an anti-hero. So, bye Scott.

Eliminated: Scott

Episode 12: The Enchanted Franken-Forest! The challenge will obviously have to do with the forest. ;p Anyway, even though the final 2 has always been a guy and a girl, I think they will surprise us by having an all-girl final 2. AKA Ann Maria and Zoey, which means, unless Mike is secretlly a girl, he is out.

Eliminated: Mike

Episode 13: The big finale. Final 2: Ann Maria VS. Zoey. I donèt care which one of the 2 wins, but I am leaning more towards Ann Maria. A dark-skinned girl has never been in the final 2 before, let alone win a season. I think it would be a nice change. Therefore,

Runner-Up: Zoey

Winner: Ann Maria

Those are my predictions! Feel free to say your opinions

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