Team Status Placing
Alejandro Beauties Active
Amy Beauties Active
Beth Beauties Active
Brick Brawns Active
Cameron Brains Active
Dakota Beauties Active
Eva Brawns Active
Harold Brains Active
Izzy Brains Active
Jasmine Brawns Active
Jo Brawns Active
Justin Beauties Active
Lightning Brawns Active
Lindsay Brains Active
Noah Brains Active
Rodney Brawns Active
Scarlett Brains Active
Topher Beauties Active

A ripoff of the upcoming season of Survivor, featuring the biggest nerds, athletes and pretty-people of the Total Drama series competing against eachother for $1 million! Stay tuned for the first elimination! Also, if anyone could help me, I want to figure out how to make a coloured chart, such as the one in this format on the TDAS page. Thanks. I do hate some of these contestantants, but I had no choice but to include them. WHO DO YOU THINK WILL WIN IT ALL? Will it be Lindsay? IDK. She may be out first again!

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