LIKE BUTTERKNIVES WE'RE FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Hey y'all, Gerty Silo here with my top 10 TDPI moments! I've looked back at all of the episodes and have put together a list of what I believe are the best moments of the season. Remember that this is just my opinion. 

Honourable Mention: JaShawn's First Kiss

So before we get started, I would like to honour the first kiss from the best couple in seasons: JaShawn. They are totes awesome and sweet (mostly because of Jasmine) and this moment was their reconciliation. And it couldn't have come at a better time: when they had less than an hour to live.

Now to the real list:

10. "Release the Babies!"

"Is this even legal?" I had to put this on here because it was so completely ridiculous. Only Chris would have a bunch of babies fall from the sky to be part of one of the most dangerous challenges of the season. The babies played a large part in the challenge and it was hilarious to see Sugar forget her baby in the lion pit, Scarlett throw her baby, Max kidnap a baby, etc. Children at risk is no laughing matter...unless it is Total Drama that is.

9. Sugar Licks the Vending Machine

You do not know how hard it was for me to pick only one Sugar moment from her first 11 episodes. I could easily make a top 10 consisting of nothing but Sugar's hilarity, but that would only piss everyone off. Hmm, then maybe I should do that. ANYWAY, SUGAR IS A QUEEN AND THIS MOMENT WAS JUST SO FUNNY LIKE OMG I ALMOST PEED MYSELF, MUCH LIKE HER OTHER 872 FUNNY MOMENTS.

8. If You Seek Amy

Amy is a queen, so it is fitting that she would return to the island to battle it out with Spare-Amy. And her appearance was so totally shocking. I mean SHE FLEW OUTTA THAT WATER LIKE A DONKEY ON PREDNISONE. Although she looked totes atrocious and needed a fab new makeover, Amy doesn't take s**t from anyone and is a strong, independent woman, so she gave less f**ks than a cow in a goat costume and for that I applaud her.

7. The Island Is Mostly Artificial

Jasmine is so sexy. Anyway, although it had been hinted at multiple times leading up to the end of Hurl and Go Seek, most of the island being fake was a shocking revelation and the fact that it was controlled by a supercomputer set up for the events of Scarlett Fever. Here is the gang in #ScarlettFever learning that all they know is a lie. At first I was pissed by this twist, as I was as in love with the island as an Alabaman is with their cousin, but Scarlett Fever totally changed my opinion and now I love it. THE WRITERS ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING UNEXPECTED AND CREATIVE. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

6. Chef Sings

Yes, that's right. In Pahk'd With Talent, we finally got to hear our favourite man-woman (sorry Jo) show us what his mama gave him. And no, I don't mean his bulge. I mean HE IS SO FREAKING AWESOME AND I WISH HE SUNG EVERY SONG IN WORLD TOUR AND THIS MOMENT WAS JUST SO OUT OF NOWHERE. I MEAN WE BARELY GOT ANY CHEF TIME THIS SEASON BUT THIS SOMEWHAT MADE UP FOR IT BECAUSE IT WAS SO FUNNY. I want Chef to have my kids. He'll have to wait in line after Sugar and Jasmine though.

5. Clucky the Chicken

I don't think I've ever loved any of the animals on this show as much as I love Clucky. She is hot, fiesty and hella 'in yo face'. She should usurp Leshawna for TD's token "sista with the 'tude" cause as sung by Alicia Keys...THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE. "And by fire, I mean electrocuted." Seriously though, the Truth or Scare challenge would have sucked without Clucky. I kinda wish she murdered Rodney, because it would have given him a better plot than he had and it would have been cool to see a funeral on the show...Max's funeral. Maybe she can just kill all of Team Kinosewak, because then Sugar would truly be the most attractive on the island. 

4. Amy's Elimination

I can't believe Ed McDonald wrote an elimination so clever. Sure he had to do what he does best, dumb down characters, in order to make it work, but nonetheless it did. I thought poor Samey would become toast to her big sister (by 17 minutes), but I was very pleasantlly surprised. Amy getting the boot in Samey's place was brilliant and totally made me love Samey even more. YOU GO GIRL!

3. Ella's Goodbye Song

ED MCDONALD WROTE THIS EPISODE TOO. Funny how the guy that wrote the worst eliminations in TDAS wrote the best eliminations in TDPI. Although it was sad to see Ella go, her exit was without a doubt the BEST exit in Total Drama history. Her song was just so awesome that I couldn't help but put it onto my Ipod after the episode. McDonald utilized Ella's character perfectly in this moment and it was the best way possible for her to go. 

2. "Evil Scarlett"

I wish I could say I was shocked by Scarlett's reveal in Scarlett Fever, but unfortunately I saw that spoiler image of her that was uploaded when the episodes were still airing in Italy. THANKS GO TO WHOEVER UPLOADED THAT. Anyway, Evil Scarlett was psycho, more psycho than Commando Zoey and Izzy combined. That's what makes her so awesome. It was foreshadowed perfectly to the point where we knew something was gonna happen with her, but no one could have expected this. Her reveal was so shocking and the way she tried to kill everyone was amazing, mostly because I wanted Max to die. BEST. REVEAL. EVER.

1. Sugar's "Craptry"

Well, Sugar Silo is better than Pitbull, anyway. I know this is a weird moment to have as my number 1 of the season, but let me explain. Sugar was EPIC all the way throughout the season and should have made it to the finale. With the girls dominating this season (for once in our lives), I was really hoping we'd get an all-female finale. But no, this show HAS to be sexist, and even when the final 4 consists of 3 girls, there still HAS to be a guy in the finale. Anyway, enough ranting. Sugar should have won, end of story. But this was her time to shine as it was "her thing" and she totes did. I have never laughed more than I have watching Sugar this season (no joke) and this moment was just the icing on the cake. Her delusion was what made it so hilarious and that she was so confident she would kill it. I enjoyed it because it was hilarious, but I was sad to see her go. Nonetheless, this was the shining moment of what is now my favourite contestant in the entire series (with Jasmine in a close second) and I couldn't resist making this number 1 as it has been stuck in my head for the past 6 days. This seriously needs to be released on iTunes because it is better than half of the rap and country songs out there. SUGAR IS A QUEEN AND NO ONE WILL EVER REPLACE HER. <3

So those were my Top 10 moments of TDPI. WHAT ARE YOURS? TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS BELOW.

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