Hey campers! I have some exciting news for you! :D

So I was looking around and I came across some AWESOME news about the future of Total Drama!

...Actually, I didn't. But I have an idea for a new season that the writers won't be able to refuse. Total Drama MARIO KART!

So now that I lead you here with that title...Total Drama: Mario Kart will feature a BRAND NEW LOVE TRIANGLE!

Yoshi kisses Leshawna, who cheats on Harold. Harold is pissed and sings "Girlfriend Kisser", vowing to take Yoshi out of the competition. Harold desperately tries to get Leshawna back, but she is too good for him and has a  make-out session with Yoshi right in front of him. Yoshi is then known as the "New Gwen", and is a huge target, but before the next race, Yoshi messes with Harold's kart and break system. Harold is behind the entire race and on the last corner, runs into a building and dies. After Harold's funeral service, Leshawna confesses her love for Yoshi and the two officially start dating. After many more weeks, Yoshi takes Leshawna to the final 3 where he confesses he was just using her the whole time and kisses Eva, taking her to the finale and eliminating Leshawna. In the finale, Leshawna hijacks a kart and goes after Yoshi. She doesn't pay attention to which kart she is stalking and rams into it, causing both karts to flip. It turns out to be Eva's kart and as she rips Leshawna a new one, Yoshi zooms past. Leshawna thinks she's screwed but Eva decides to take Leshawna's kart to the finish line, as it's in better shape. Yoshi is in first place but that can't happen or everyone is screwed. But no one likes Eva either. As Yoshi approaches the finish line, Peach appears from the sidelines, being on crutches after getting into a catfight with Dakota in a previous episode over who was a hotter blonde. Yoshi becomes infatuated with Peach at first glance and becomes distracted from the race. He then rides over a boobytrap (a banana peel) laid down by Courtney, because she's pissed that she didn't win this season and got stuck hosting for minimum wage. Yoshi's kart stops in its tracks, and he can't run over the finish line because you need to cross it in a kart to win. Eva passes him and wins the million. Leshawna beats up Yoshi and then Yoshi kisses Peach, so Eva beats him up too and he lands in the hospital with no love, because Peach thinks he is a an evil, two-faced, lying little-and the season comes to an end.


Anyway the cast of the season will be:

Returnees: Leshawna, Eva, Brick, Tyler, Courtney, Izzy, Dawn, Samey, Bridgette, Harold, Dakota, Anne Maria, Beardo and Sugar

Mario Karters: Mario, Peach, DK, Luigi, Waluigi, Birdo, Yoshi, Koopa Troopa, King Boo, Toad, Toadette, Wario, Daisy and Bowser

The featured couples will be:

Leshawna X Harold= Lesharold Yoshi X Leshawna= Yoshawna Yoshi X Eva= Evoshi Yoshi X Peach= Yoach Courtney X Beardo= Beardney Beardo X Birdo= Bird-Beardo Sugar X Bowser= Sugser Peach X Dakota= Peakota Courtney X Wario= Wartney Courtney X Toad= Toadney Courtney X Izzy= Izzney

As you can see, Courtney will be very busy kissing people again. But don't worry, she won't be around for long and when Chris gets injured, she will take over as host for the rest of the competition!

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